Annnnnd…. Back to Florida!

So last month I was in Florida with friends and family, where I behaved very badly.

2015-02-07 14.24.28 Despite this, Florida is letting me back in. This time I’ll be at the 2015 Lake BookFest, which is near to Orlando. I’ll be doing lots of events, so come see me!

In other news, JINN AND JUICE is out in audiobook! I did a quick listen the other day and the narrator does a great job. Meanwhile, the paperback will be hitting shelves next month! So if you’re waiting on the hard copy your time is nigh. 😉

Speaking of which, I received my author copies of the book from Hachette and they look gorgeous! I’ve also got some of my fave cover quotes ever. Lyla looks great in the larger trade paperback and she’s just gorgeous! Here are some pics:

2015-03-07 00.03.50 And, as usual, if you’d already read the eBook or you’ve listened to the audio, please leave a review wherever you bought it. They really help us out and I’d be grateful!

Well, I have to go pack and head to Latrobe. I’m flying out of this tiny airport on Spirit airlines, so I’m prepared to pedal.

Have a great week and hope to see you in Florida! 😉

Posted by Nicole Peeler

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