Welcome to my site! 

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I’m a writer and professor living in Pittsburgh, represented by Rebecca Strauss at DeFiore and Company.

I mostly write fantasy but I sometimes moonlight as a special content provider for Medium. Follow me there to read my latest essays about life, love, and people who equestrian while drunk. Sometimes I also write about writing.

Currently, I teach at Seton Hill University, where I direct the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction.

I’m also an alumna of both Boston University and The University of Edinburgh.

When I’m not casting a stink eye at gender binaries I’m often thinking about making a sandwich, eating a sandwich, or being a sandwich.

You can find pictures of my sandwiches (and sometimes other stuff) on Instagram (@nicolepeeler).

“Nicole Peeler has a lot of ardent fans, and it’s easy to see why.” –Charlaine Harris