Something Wikkid This Way Comes (novella)

Something Wikkid This Way Comes: A Novella

Capitola, Moo, and Shar are the halfling ladies of Triptych: supernatural private investigators who get paid to clean up paranormal messes.

Normally Cappie doesn’t take human cases, but who can resist a priest, missing Catholic school girls, and a creature that may or may not be the Prince of Darkness?

A story set in the world of Nicole Peeler’s Jane True series.

Word Count ~ 19,800


“A priest and a shapeshifter walk into an office” might be a good premise for a joke, but it’s alarming when it happens in real life. Especially when the priest is a real, human priest; the shapeshifter is my own father; and the office is that of my company, Triptych.

I’m partly so surprised because, while I’m expecting my dad, he’s not usually in the company of human religious leaders. We rent space in a building in downtown Borealis, Illinois, where all the other offices are used by humans. That way we know when someone magical comes in. Unlike my human mother, my father’s a pureblooded nahual, or shapeshifter, and he takes his power from the Earth. As soon as he steps into our building, he always gives a tiny flair of his Earth magic against my sensors. He’s foresworn using his real magic for decades now, but he always “knocks” out of politeness: a familiar, gentle brush against my shields, compared to the gauzy texture of Shar’s succubus magic and the raging power of Moo’s Alfar mojo. So I knew my dad was on his way up, but I’d assumed he was alone.

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