UK Releases and More Seattle Shenanigans

First off, today’s the UK release of Tempest Rising and Tracking the Tempest. Could I be more excited? The books themselves look slightly different: The covers have been given a sort of Frank Miller-esque, gothier colouring scheme (did you enjoy that extra u, there?), and the books are also a different size than the US mass market paperbacks. They’re not as big as our trade paperbacks, but they’re significantly bigger than our mass market size.

So that’s soooo exciting! I’m hoping some of my British readers will, if they’re out and about, be so kind as to send me any reports/pictures of TR or TtT out in the wild. You can email them to iheartselkies(at)gmail(dot)com, or tweet me at NicolePeeler.

In other news, Seattle Shenanigans are still going strong, but now with added Dr. Ruth. I last left you on Sunday, after I went and hung out at Casa Henry with Mark and Caroline. That Monday, Ruth was getting in late in the evening. So, partially because I’m ridiculously domestic and partially because I knew I’d need a day of rest and quiet before everything went manic with my friend’s wedding, I had a lovely day of puttering around various local markets, delis, and gourmet shops. I wanted to have dinner waiting for Ruth, but don’t get me wrong. . .I’ll use any excuse to poke around food markets, and Seattle is an amazing foodie culture. Here are pictures of my booty (my gourmet booty, that is):

I bought donut peaches, as well as ingredients for pasta with italian chicken sausage and vodka red sauce from in and around Pike’s Place market. Then I hit up Macrina Bakery for some of their out-of-this-world granola, a loaf of sinfully delicious olive ciabatta, and a green salad.

Dinner turned out beautifully:

But even better was having dinner with Rootie!

And yes, I’m wearing a lady bug pinafore. What?

Ruth was obviously tired after her incredibly long flight to Seattle, so all we did that evening was eat dinner, drink wine, and catch up, with an early night.

The next morning, bright and early, I got up to run. This time in Seattle, I wasn’t called a “filthy fucking cocksucker,” as our local crazy homeless man was in absentia. Instead, as I was running back up 1st Ave, I saw a homeless guy with a sign that said, “I like money, fat chicks, and pot.” He did a Snoopy dance of happiness when he saw me coming, lunging through a crowd of people at the stop light to show me his sign.

I guess he thought I had some pot stashed in my sports bra.

For breakfast we had our granola with yogurt and donut peaches, then we had an elevenses of a little quiche:

Hey, if I run without eating two breakfasts, at whom will the crazies wave their signs? Hm? And speaking of crazies, we spent the rest of that Tuesday with Kat Richardson and Mark Henry, eating basically everything that wasn’t tied down.

Mark and Kat met us at our rented apartment in Belltown, and we walked down the street to where (quite handily), the Marination Mobile was parked for the day.

Those of you who have travelled with me know that there are few things I love more in life than street meat. I love food from carts, trucks, vans, satchels, or off the top of wide-brimmed hats like they do in Istanbul. So I was thrilled at the prospect of a Korean/Hawaiian taco truck, and we were not disappointed. Here’s my “STREET MEAT!” face of anticipation:

It deserved the face, and even more, as it was delicious. I had the spam slider, the Kalbi taco, and the spicy pork taco. Ruth had the same, but she went for the Aloha slider, with kalua shredded pork.

The food was phenomenal, and I was stuffed, swearing I wasn’t going to eat again. Till I did, just a few hours later. But first, we did some sightseeing around Fremont, which has all sorts of odd things. Here’s the Fremont Troll:

We also visited the statues of Waiting for the Interurban, where I practiced for our signing’s promised genital cupping and Ruthie imitated the human-faced dog:

After that, it was shenanigans ahoy. Here’s Mark, Kat and me posing as Happy Families:

And here’s a handy dandy Homer and Bart Simpson impression:

Culminating our trip to Fremont was a visit to Molly Moon’s for ice cream. What was that about not eating again?

After ice cream, we went with Kat to her boat, so she could change before her signing. That day, she launched Labyrinth, the fifth book in her Harper Blaine series. It looks awesome, and I love the first books in the series. I can’t wait to get to this one!

Anyway, we took Kat to her boat to change, and had some fun playing Pirate and Saucy Wench on the docks:

Before we went to Kat’s signing at University Bookstore, however, we managed to fit in some MORE food and drink. This time margaritas and Tex-Mex, with Richelle Mead and Psynde joining us at the restaurant. Ruth and I do love a happy hour cocktail:

After we’d had some liquid fortification, and Mark and I had sweat off about a pound each as we got the bitch seats sitting in the sun, we went to Kat’s signing. There, we saw these funky, colorful lookin’ books. Who wrote this shiz? Really?

Kat did a fantastic job at her reading. She’s very funny and charismatic, especially on stage, and I really enjoyed the excerpt. I grabbed Rootie’s cam and did some audience reaction shots. Ruth is riveted, Psynde is shocked, and Mark is . . . maybe asleep.

“Somebody poke that man, right there, with a stick!” Commanded Kat, with obvious glee!

Isn’t she perty? The day was awesome, and culminated in some drinks at some bar that wouldn’t accept Ruth’s UK Driver’s License as ID. Which is LAME! But whatever, we were exhausted, anyway. And we had a big day planned for tomorrow, what with the signing by Mark and me, alongside our Edinburgh reunion. It was raucous and ridiculous, and I’ll blog that next. But for now, the Touristing with the Laydeez commences in 3. . . 2 . . . 1. 😉

Ciao for now!

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