Seattle: Reunions and Signings and Reunions, Oh My!

The day after Kat’s signing (with which I left you, last), Mark Henry and I had our OWN signing. It was also supposed to be our Edinburgh Reunion night, with everyone getting together beforehand. So Ruth and I didn’t want to do too much that day, as we knew we had a long night in front of us. Therefore, we wandered around to some shops, then we found ourselves once again strapped into the pedicure chair. As you might remember from our Road Trip last summer, we get our nails done a lot on our vacations. It’s really a bit ridiculous. But so enjoyable! Just ask Dr. Ruth:

We then went for Thai food. It was both delicious AND titillating:

Besides Penetrating, there was another dish involving the word “Pulsating.” Who could resist such descriptions? We ended our day out with cookies from Macrina, and some showing off of our nails:

Duck and fish are friends! After that, we lounged around for a bit before getting ready for the Reunion/Signing. Synde joined us at our apartment, and we had to take a picture of the fabulousness:

(We’re also rehearsing for the fifties dresses we’re wearing to the wedding, which will require some major shoulder throwbacks and posing. We’re limbering up the coccyx muscles, otherwise chaos could ensue!)

Before the signing started, we all met up at the Pub at Third Place, which was awesome. I don’t have many pictures from this part of the evening, as it mostly consisted of people squealing and hugging as various members of our Edinburgh contingent wandered in. It was SO good to see everyone, and I felt so lucky to have such amazing friends.

After we’d had some beers, we all headed upstairs for the actual reading and signing at Ravenna Third Place Books. It was a great crowd and a great space!

For our readings, we swapped books. I started out reading Mark’s particularly filthy opening scene from Battle of the Network Zombies. All I’ll say is that it involves a churn, a corn cob, and a buttery snootch. Mark said he was reading my book, but actually busted out with some deliciously filthy erotic. This swap was particularly awesome considering we were stationed next to the children’s department. Sorry kiddos! It was hilarious, but I think everyone was a bit disappointed when Mark ceased reading the erotica and started reading my book, instead.

All I have to say is “rod of dominion,” people.

The questions afterward were fun, and Mark gave out Jesus bandaids for those who asked us something. He’s generous like that. He also offered a pill bottle cocktail shaker to anyone who would cup someone’s genitals, but there were no takers. Crowds are tough these days, let me tell you. But despite the lack of genital cupping, we had a great time and here we are, triumphant:

I’m not sure whether I’m giving a peace sign, throwing a gang symbol, or enacting some scissoring, but we’ll just go with it. All in all, I think everyone had fun. I do know that I got to wear my new fascinator and the Wee Dram got in some reading time with her mom, Mrs. Whisky. And I love all my friends for attending! Thanks guys!

After the signing, we headed over for Pie and Pints. There are few things on earth I like better than a meat pie, but pie is even better when it’s combined with something just as good, like pints. So I was in heaven at Pie and Pints. Not least because Jesus ended up in my cleavage. What can I say, things like that happen when Mark’s around!

We had a huge crowd taking up basically the entire middle section of the restaurant, but the place did an awesome job serving us with both speed and sass, a combination I love.

And the food was delish. Here are some full frontal food shots. Synde’s mac and cheese was to die for!

We had an awesome time at the pub, and much beer was consumed. Huge thanks to everyone for coming to the signing, and never once complaining that I hijacked Edinburgh Reunion Night. It was so lovely to see all of you, and I totally appreciated your support!

The next day kicked off the build up to Matt and Mariah’s wedding. Ruth and I met Mrs. Whisky and the Wee dram for lunch and some girlie gossip. I hadn’t seen Kristin for ages, and we’ve both been so busy we hadn’t even found time to talk since the last time I went to the UK. Which, frankly, is unacceptable on my part. But it was fabulous to see her and the baby and catch up on everything in our lives.

After lunch, Dr. Whisky himself met us at the restaurant. They’re such a gorgeous family!

They also have very exciting news: They’re moving back to London. Which makes me unbelievably excited, as it’s another awesome excuse to cross the pond as often as possible. I love Britain, with my reasons for loving her grow all the time. This time x3! 😉 Which will necessitate Much Visiting, as who will teach the Wee Dram to snark if not her Auntie Nikki? I mean, I have a duty here, people. I must learn the childrens good, like Whitney the Wise said all those years ago.

After lunch, we all went up the Space Needle (or the Spiceh Noodle, as it quickly became in our parlance). It was fun and Ruth took some gorgeous pics of Seattle you can see on my Facebook page. We were being right proper touristers!

After the Spiceh Noodle, we met up with everyone for my favorite kinda tour . . . a Duck Tour!

It was super fun, especially since we were surrounded by friends!

After the duck tour–which was a really good one, and I’d highly recommend the Seattle operation–we went to a restaurant right down the street from our apartment for a combination stag/hen night with Matt and Mariah. It was so much fun: lots of food, booze, and dancing.

Here’s my “I love Hendrick’s!” face, followed closely by my, “Don’t judge my love of Hendrick’s!” face (otherwise known as my “I’ll cut a bitch!” face):

And here are Judith and Dr. Whisky looking at me with their, “Shit, she’s already hitting the sauce,” faces:

By the end of the night, we were all bombed, danced out, and sweaty. Plus, Rootie’s hat had a mishap:

But all in all, the evening was sublime. So much laughter that my sides ache this morning. People had flown in from Brussels, Britain, and Australia, and everyone was ready to party. Which might be why we had our vuvuzelas confiscated. But all good things must come to end, and to (night)cap it off, Ruth and I went with Dr. Whisky for a quiet Old Fashioned down the street, where we talked of the Whiskys’ upcoming move and just how often I could visit.

And best of all, I got to eat the cherries! Score!

At about midnight (hey, it had been a long day!) we called it quits. But not before getting one last slice of NYC style pizza stuffed in our gobs. It was a fabulous few days, and it makes me miss my Edinburgh friends very much. But one of the things we all talked about was the Next Thing To Get Us All Together, and we came up with quite a few ideas. So this certainly isn’t the last Edinburgh reunion, and I still have until Sunday to enjoy my friends before Real Life comes a-callin’.

Today Ruth’s out bicycling around the city with some other folks, but I stayed home to do some work, laundry, and some packing. And because the last time I was on a bike, I fell into a dumpster in Granada, Spain. It was awesome.

But tonight is Pizza and Pints (seriously? I love this city) with everyone, and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we’re getting up to have our hair done in big, fifties bouffants to match our big, fifties dresses. Then we’re off to Bainbridge Island to see Matt and Mariah get hitched! Yay for them!

So see you soon! And in the meantime, hug yer friends and let them know you care. Then steal the cherries from their drinks. 😉 It’s the only way to roll.

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