Seattle: The Beginning

Hello everybody! I wasn’t going to blog until after my vacay, but then I realized that was dumb. I’m here for like a week and a half, and if I don’t keep up with the blogging it’ll be ridiculous. I’ll end up with a monster blog post that NEVER ENDS, plus I’ll have forgotten everything from the beginning of the trip by the time I get to the end of the trip.

So I’m going to be a Good Blogger and blog every few days or so, depending on what I’ve done and whether or not I’m sober. There will be no drunk-blogging on this site, let me tell you! Not after that last time, with the team of oxen . . . 😉

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t have been happier to leave Pennsylvania when I did. It’s not the state: I’m actually really enjoying my new home. It’s the BOXES and the never ending unpacking that was getting to me. Plus, I made another move from a place where I had tons of friends, love, and support to another new place where I know virtually no one. I know I’ll make friends quickly and everything will be fine, but for right now I’m a bit lonely.

So this trip to Seattle is perfect. I got into my new place, and could (mostly) unpack while ordering the things I really needed right away. Then I left as soon as I started to get bored and feeling a mite solitary, to go to a city where I already know quite a few people, and to which a load of my closest friends will shortly be descending. Which rocks! Plus, I’m here till the day before my orientation at my new job begins, where I will (hopefully) meet some people to bother incessantly with my need for human contact and social drinkiepoos. Score!

Because I was feeling a bit morose the day I left PA, I indulged myself by eating a Platter o’ Fat from the Pittsburgh airport’s TGIFridays. It was horrifying and delicious, as only a platter of American appetizers can be.

I ate about a quarter of it, and felt sick for about an hour after. But I gotta say, there is nothing more glorious than a fried stick of cheese. And then I proceeded to eat even MORE cheese, that night. Cheese baked, whipped, and/or set on fire, but I’ll get to that…..

Miraculously, especially as I was flying through O’Hare, all of my flights were on time. Which meant I got to join Kat Richardson and Mr. Kat’s anniversary dinner. They were so sweet to invite me, and I really appreciated the invitation, the kindness of their friends, and the deliciousness of the restaurant, Panos Kleftikos. The food was amazing. I’m a big fan of Greek food, and in my time I’ve done my fair share of damage to the baked feta. But this place was really, really good and the homemade pita nearly broke me with tastiness. There was also a LOT of red wine consumed from little highball glasses, my favorite way to drink it. Here’s Kat and me:

And Kat’s friend Lance, doing a fabulous impression of how everyone should leave a Greek Taverna (ie, carried out by friends):

I had such a blast, and I really appreciated how welcoming everyone was on my first night in Seattle!

This morning I woke up, showered, and immediately headed to the Starbucks downstairs to write some Jane. On the flight over to Seattle, I got my outline all sorted for what should be a very tight, very fast-paced, and pretty awesome fourth book, Eye of the Tempest. I already have fifty pages I’m fairly in love with, but had gotten stuck as I had NO IDEA what the middle of the book would contain. Luckily, my amazing Ideas Factory, Christie Ko, helped me out and after a few powwows with her, I knew I was ready. So I got the book all outlined on the plane, and this morning I did a Shit Ton of writing. I’m loving this book, so far. The “point” of this book is Jane, alone, really coming into her own, which I find such an exciting and inspiring idea. There’s also a lot of shenanigans, and an early scene that I think will make all my Anyan fans happy.

Around lunch time, the ever fabulous Psynde came to pick me up from Starbucks. For those of you unfamiliar with Psynde, she makes amazing jewelry for Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series and for Jaye Well’s Sabina Kane series. She’s also thinking of picking up Jane and doing some jewelry for my series. I loved her ideas (think a gothier, punkier Betsey Johnson look) and I think my characters (Grizzie!) could inspire some great looks.

What do you think? Do you guys like that idea? Would you buy some Tempest inspired jewelry?

I had a great time with Psynde. She took me to sign stock at the downtown Barnes and Noble and Borders, and we did some shopping (hello, Fluevogs!). We also went to the most amazing place for lunch, which I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s called Dahlia Lounge, owned by celebrity chef Tom Douglas:

I had the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time while I was there: a super-posh grilled cheese with this absolutely gorgeous tomato soup. It was heavenly, as only really simple comfort foods made with the best ingredients can be. Here’s a pic:

After lunch we shopped around more, and Psynde took me to some other great places. We also had really delicious coffee at The Chocolate Box. All in all it was a fabulous day. Right now it’s early evening, however, and I am beat. Partly I’m tired from the time change, but partly because I think this is the first day I’ve been able really to relax in a while. I think I’m going into crash mode, which will probably mean watching a movie and falling asleep early. Both of which sound absolutely delightful.

Tomorrow I’m seeing my friends who are getting married next week, and Sunday I’m headed out to Mark Henry’s abode to do some writing and play with his tiny, tiny dogs. I can’t wait to meet Yoda for realz! Maybe I can star in that day’s Yoda Break.

Don’t forget that Mark and I are doing a signing next Wednesday. It will probably be very, very inappropriate and very, very fun. So don’t bring your kids, but feel free to bring your potty mouths, snark, and maybe a bottle of cheap hootch in a paper bag.

Ciao for now!

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  1. It was a fab day.I loved it..thanks for the shout out..and sunday I may make the first of some prototypes for you to approve..ohhhhhh shiny

  2. EAT, not EA (who was the Akkadian God of the Waters, so to "ea" probably means to use your divine powers to cause a flood or something, and since I now live in Madison Valley instead of on the seventh floor downtown, a flood in Seattle would not be a good thing).

  3. @NicolePeeler I'm going to have to figure out where you live now so I can send audiobooks and christmas presents your way

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