It’s that time of the month, folks. Time for me to bust out the pimp hand. Today I’m slapping some love onto both Stacia Kane and Kelly Meding. Way to release some books, ladies!

Stacia’s release is the latest in her Downside series. I haven’t had a chance to read these, yet, with the move and all. But I’m literally itching to get my hands on them. And because I’ve been handling a lot of Lysol wipes, but that’s another story. Here are all three books in the series, in all their beauty!

Yay for Stacia! Everyone says these rock, and I LOVE Stacia’s Megan Chase series. So I can’t wait to have time to read them!

Also out is Kelly Meding’s sequel, As Lie The Dead!

Let’s hear it for Kelly!

In other news, while I was moving everyone and their mother went to ComicCon. I’m not bitter at all that I didn’t get to go. Really. Truly. *dies a little inside* Next year, however, I am TOTALLY THERE. Oh yes. I am there. In the meantime, Mario Acevedo did a great job blogging about the madness, including a little love for TR from Orbit’s Lauren Panepinto.

As far as moving is concerned, I’m just about officially done. Not with unpacking, but in terms of my mental engagement. I’m about ready to start chucking boxes out of the window. Luckily, however, I’m nearly finished. I’m just waiting on some bookshelves and I can tackle my office. I hope they get here before I leave for Seattle . . .

Which is Thursday! I’m very excited to see all my Edinburgh friends, to hang out with my fellow Leaguers, and to see Seattle. I’ve never been!

But I’m also starting to miss my Shreveport friends, very much. So I’m wearing the Zombieland shirt that Wendell gave me, in honor of them. Miss you guys!

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10 thoughts on “Pimpage!”

  1. Good work on the pimpage…because pinpin' ain't easy. 🙂

    If you are looking for something fun to escape from unpacking…check out a band called the Clarks…they ROCK big time!!!

  2. Totally amazing books you are pimping here. 🙂 Ahhhh, wait… not as amazing as Jane's books… 😉 I have bought all of them AND Janes books too. 😀

    Sorry you are missing your friends. Hopefully, you make some amazing friends in PA too.

    Take care.

  3. Heather C: You're the second person to tell me about the Clarks! I'll have to look them up. 😉 Thanks!

    Virginia: Sounds good! Although it might not be for a while. When I get back to PA, orientation for work starts THE NEXT DAY. Boo to that!

    Thanks Melissa! And I hope you enjoy all the books. 😉 I'm always pimping somebody out. It's my nature. 😉

    Thom: I'm here till the 9th! And thanks!

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