There Is Sometimes Such Things As A Free Story!

Hi folks!

It’s the run up to the launch of Audible’s audiobook of DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, in which I have story.

The anthology will be a print hardcover, but first it’s being released as an audiobook. Audible is doing a ton of rad promo, including releasing THIS FREE VERSION OF JEANNE STEIN’S STORY, “LOVE STORY.”

It’s about Adele Stackhouse and her affair with the fairy, Fintan, from whom Sookie inherited her special nature. The narrator is the woman who narrated all of the Southern Vampire Mystery Series, and Charlaine herself introduces each piece. So could you ask for anything more awesome?

I know I couldn’t. πŸ˜‰

In other news, I’ll be blogging soon with info as to what I’ll be doing at RT next week. We’ve got an awesome scavenger hunt planned, I’m doing a panel with Charlaine at which I’ll inevitably geek out on her SO HARD again (I’m like a particularly forgetful Golden Retriever around her–every time I see her I’m like OMG CHARLAINE HI HI HI and I imagine she reaches for her mace), and I’m doing a bunch of other panels. AND I’m receiving an RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best UF Protagonist, for which I bought a dress and have to write a speech. SO EXCITED AND CHUFFED. I will also be out and about in New Orleans eating anything not tied down and doing my part to decrease the Sazerac population of the French Quarter. After the con I’ll be hanging with my girl J-Trouble and all my other friends in NOLA, so that will be some much deserved downtime.

Because I turned in JINN AND JUICE last week! Which was very exciting. I can’t wait to show you the cover Orbit’s working on and share more with you about my new novel and its crazy, crazy people. There are jinn! And drag queens! and spider wraiths! And fodden! And PITTSBURGH! So basically it’s the other thing you’ve always wanted, besides Charlaine Harris introducing stories in your ear hole.

I’m kind of spazzy right now, sorry. It’s been a crazy month for me and I am running on fumes (translation: I had a Mountain Dew at lunch cuz ADULT).

It’s now time for me to grade things so I gotta go, but hollah at me in comments if you’re going to RT  and tell me what you’re most excited about!!!! xoxoxo

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25 thoughts on “There Is Sometimes Such Things As A Free Story!”

  1. I unfortunately don't get to go to RT πŸ™ …

    HOWEVER… y'all are gonna get arrested for drunk and (probably naked) disorderly! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh god! Please tell me there will be photos on FB! Mark Henry in a nun costume = PRICELESS!

  3. Not going to RT either but I’m guessing y’all get arrested for being drunk and reciting the smuttiest of smut from y’all books😁

  4. You know why I am excited to go to RT. It will be like King's Island Redux…without the sauce…or maybe with more sauce? I dunno, I just wanna get there SOON!

  5. I’m excited about just anything you have going on and that goes for your recommendations as well. You make things so much better with your awesome yet silly perspective. I’m not too sure what you all might get arrested for. But, I think it might involve costumes, alchohol and unauthorized gropping.

  6. I'm not gonna lie, I'm most excited into tricking one of you into having oysters and cocktails with me!

  7. Darlings, they will be in NOLA, so drunk and disorderly isn't going to get them arrested. Unfortunately, they will mistake a Mardi Gras float for an all you can eat buffet and will be arrested for felony property damage as they will be in their cups far enough to substantially demolish it before realizing it has no food-like taste! I truly wish I could be there to see it, but RT is not in my budget. Le sigh.

  8. I am going to RT! Woohoo!

    Since I saw Mark Henry and a few other Leaguers are going to be attending, I really have no idea what kind of trouble all you Reluctant Adults will get into! But I'm sure I'll see it on the news or the internet at some point at the convention!

  9. Might be easier to list the things y’all WON’T get arrested for πŸ˜‰

  10. Unfortunately, I can't go. I hope you have lotsa fun, though. If you end up in handcuffs, it will probably be because of one (or more) of these: lewd conduct, public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, public nudity or peeing in public. Maybe you guys should each try for something different.

  11. The drinking and the shenanigans are going to be givens. (Right?!?!) So what’s gonna get you arrested is the interpretive dance that goes with your smutty readings. Perhaps avoid playgrounds and daycare centers. They do not have bars there.

    Have a great time & I can’t wait to see/read about the insanity of it all! Get a video of your panel so we can all fangirl over Charlaine with you.

  12. LOLOL I will totally force someone to video it, if only to see my face staring at her like she's the sun. LOLOL And her reaching for her mace.

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