Romantic Times Roundup

Hi folks! Another Romantic Times has come and gone, and I’ve got the spinning brainz to prove it. 🙂 Here’s a picture round up of the bulk of the action. The first day I got in, I spent a lot of time with Heather Osborn, Jaye Wells, Suzanne McLeod, and Liliana Hart. Here’s some photographic evidence:

Jaye and I had to be on relatively good behavior, as our Editrix, Devi, was in attendance. Here she is doing her Eye of Sauron impersonation, if Sauron got excited about his new (adorable) bag:

I of course found myself wearing another mustache:

And Suzanne and Jaye ended up in the pokey:

Not least because Jaye nearly threw herself at Anne Rice. Here she is vaklempt at signing next to Anne on someone’s tote:

Meanwhile, I’m all professional, and shit:

Not least as I was on Sheriff duties the Samhain Stampede:

For all our hard work, Zombie Joe brought us cupcakes:

And all in all we had a brilliant time. Here’s me, Richelle Mead, Jeanne C. Stein, and Heather Osborn. We spent a lot of time in Heather’s room, watching Ambient Videos and doing dramatic readings of amazing smut. It’s how RT is supposed to be spent, really.

Can’t wait to see you guys next year. Thanks for the laughs!!!!

Posted by Nicole Peeler

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