It Is Upon Us: Romantic Times 2012!

Hi folks! Tomorrow I leave for RT 2012! YAY!

It’s in Chicago this year, and I’ll be busy. Here’s my schedule for those of you interested in coming to see me. Remember, too, that the big book fair on Saturday is open to the public!

Thursday, April 12:

10-11 AM

URBAN FANTASY: TRENDS — WHAT’S HOT, WHAT’S NOT & WHAT’S NEXT IN UF PANELISTS: Kelley Armstrong, Jennifer Estep, Melissa Marr, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells MODERATOR: Lucienne Diver (The Knight Agency)

Location: Florence

4-6 PM

E-Book Expo — Denise Townsend will be signing!

Location: Entry Level, Grand Ballroom A, B, C

Friday, April 13

1:30-2:30 PM

SEVEN MINUTES IN URBAN FANTASY HEAVEN HOSTS: Richelle Mead, Suzanne McLeod, Kristin Painter, Nicole Peeler, Jeanne Stein, Jaye Wells

Location: International 5

2:45-3:45 PM

BOOKS, BODS AND BREWS HOSTS: Dana Marie Bell, Stephanie Draven (AKA Stephanie Dray), Nicole Peeler, PJ Schnyder

Location: International D

Saturday, April 14

10:45 AM – 2 PM

GIANT BOOK FAIR (open to the public!)

Location: Entry Level, Grand Ballroom

You can download a copy of the Convention schedule by clicking here, and that also contains instructions for those of you who want to visit just for the book fair. The book fair is free to registrants and $5 for the general public.

Besides these events I have meetings with my publishers and my friends and my readers and my friends AND my family, since I’m from outside of Chicago, originally. So it should be a great con, personally as well as professionally, and I’m really looking forward to being (sort of near) Chicago for the week.

Also, if you’re at RT and see me wandering around looking irritated (I often wander around looking irritated), feel free to stop me and say hello! I’m generally not actually irritated, although I’ve cultivated quite the scowl. 😉 In truth, I go to these cons to meet fans and readers, and I love it when people say hi. Do tell me who you are, and how I know you (tell me your Twitter handle, for example, if we tweet quite a bit). Or just say, “I read your books!” In my google stalkings of myself (so narcissistic!) I’ve come across people who said they saw me and wanted to say hi, but chickened out. But I’m very nice, and very approachable (scowl and all) and love to talk to readers. So please do stop me.

I look forward to meeting some of you, and for those of you who can’t be in Chicago, I might be near you soon. Check my appearances page to find out where I’ll be and when. 😉

In other news, I finished the rough draft of book six. So I’ll be spending my mornings holed up in my hotel room, revising. I splurged on a big double room for just myself, on purpose, so that I do just that. I will hopefully have #6 banged into reasonable shape to send to my critique partner and my betas, soon. Crazy!

So all in all it should be a great trip and I can’t wait. Yay RT!


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9 thoughts on “It Is Upon Us: Romantic Times 2012!”

  1. Yay! See you at the convention!! Didn't know that the book fair was free this time around! Awesome!

  2. The Saturday Book Fair is free with your RT registration…it costs $5 for the general public.

  3. I can attest to the fact that you are very lovely, nice, and funny in person! (I met you in Denver at a signing and you complimented my necklace) Have fun at RT! Can't wait for the next Jane book!

  4. Really, seriously. If you need another beta, I volunteer myself. It's a tough job (I know, I know), but I could handle it. I mean it would be sad if I didn't have to wait for the further adventures of Jane, but for you, Nicole, I would read it now instead….




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