Another Six Sentence Sunday: Some More Fury

Hi Folks! Here’s another Six Sentence Sunday… And expect some more regular blogging as I think I’ve finally wrestled my life into submission. For now. 😉

That said, the vast banality of the ’burbs—while not particularly inspiring—had given me an inkling of London’s size. I’d only been in a few “real” cities in my life: Boston, Montreal, and Quebec. Chicago we’d only driven around, never even entering the city proper. After Rockabill, the cities I’d visited had seemed enormous. I realized now, however, that they were really baby cities, barely out of diapers. London must be a city, with a mass of people so huge I found it slightly terrifying.

So now you know at least one place Jane visits in Fury. Excited to see her European Vacation?

Ooooooo. That should have been the title. Tempest’s European Vacation.

For fun, let me know what you can imagine Jane getting up to over there. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Another Six Sentence Sunday: Some More Fury”

  1. 1st of all, I must say that I LOVE your books SOOOO much. They are beautifully written and completely invigorating. I cannot stop reading them. So, now on to the topic at hand. I have no idea what Jane will get into. Her character is so unpredictable, but I cannot wait to find out. ( P.s.- my indigo, fire-breathing platypus also thinks that you are a fantastic writer!!) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER PEEPS AND PEEPETTES!!!!! ~LydiaBrozenske~

  2. I love this whole Six Line fun. I'm thinking Jane is the kinda girl who just might end up in a rowdy pub with some visiting Scots singing some particularly saucy pub songs while proving she can drink herself right under their kilts…I mean the table. 😉

  3. Maybe she’ll visit France and the Moulin Rouge?! She’d make a great can can dancer and I’m sure Anyan would be drooling at that sight.

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