Tempest’s Fury… FULL COVER!

Earlier versions of this cover have already been spotted on Amazon and other places, but I can now reveal the full, final version of my cover for Tempest’s Fury, Jane True Book 5, set to be released in the States on June 26th, 2012, and in the UK on July 5, 2012.

Here she is, folks! Thanks to the ever-lovely Sharon Tancredi for another gorgeous cover.

And here’s the full shebang, with probably my favorite cover copy so far. Love that last line! (click to embiggen)

Thanks to Romantic Times and Kevin Hearne for the wonderful blurbs. 🙂

I’m very excited for this penultimate book of Jane’s.  Currently, I’m about 2/3rds of the way through writing her sixth, and last book. Crazy, no?

And don’t forget you can always get some Trueniverse filler to hold you till the end of June with this story involving Cappie, Moo, and Shar, from Triptych:

Or, if you want something longer and spicier (dark spicier?), you can always turn to Denise Townsend. She’ll have your back. In more ways than one…

A writer’s life is never dull, but revealing cover art is always a real pleasure, especially when it’s as lovely as Sharon’s. Thanks Sharon, thanks Orbit, and thanks to readers who love Jane as she is on the inside of the book, and how she looks on the outside.

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24 thoughts on “Tempest’s Fury… FULL COVER!”

  1. Love it! And the “some are bribed with promises of food and sex”!!! Awesomeness. Cant wait. 🙂

  2. Love Janes courage, passion and her belief in her friends..if Jane was a real person I would be proud to count her amoung my friends….

  3. Love the cover Nicole. I am ashamed to say I am a few books behind (got tired of waiting and let them stack up). But writing the last book??? BOO. I don't think that will be enough. Whats on deck next?

  4. I can understand, I'm having a great time blasting through all these old cozy series, knowing they're all out. 🙂

    And I don't know what's up next. I'd love to write more Capitola, but not sure that will happen, at least in novel form. But we're doing something else with her that will be fun, that I can't announce yet. 🙂 And I've got a great idea for a paranormal cozy mystery that I'm itching to write. So who knows!

  5. AWESOME cover!!!! Come on JUNE!!!!!!!!! I'm so ready to "sink my teeth" into it!!

  6. I am sure it will be great. You are one of my favs! I always recommend you to all my girls!

  7. Orbit UK did a blog post a few months back saying they ARE going to start carrying the Orbit Digital stories "soon." But I'm not sure what that means in publisher speak. 😉 Hopefully shortly, though!

  8. I am bummed about the 6th book being the end of the series but I can’t wait to see what else you come out with, thanks.

  9. Jane's going to England?_ Well shoot. Now you can't use the title "Tempest in a Teapot"_Would that you could get the artist to do a few interior illustrations or chapter icons. _I dunno why, I pictured the axe having a longer handle, but I can see how having a short handle works better for jane. __anyway…._I JUST got the Eye of Tempest from bookstore this last week. It was the only copy on the shelf, and for some reason I thought i missed one. It took a couple minutes staring at the previous covers on the inside page and thinking "okay, I remember that, the first one, and the second one… okay, yeah, that' the 3rd one, and that other one is THIS one… OOOOOhhh, okay." and promptly added with my pile of books and manga._ And since this was at Barns and Nobel, this time I GET the discount. __ BTW, I'm afraid I have to blame you for screwing up my attempt at normalizing my sleep schedule. _Up until last night I was doing fine, getting to bed at decent time, with reading one chapter or another until tired. _ All that got thrown out the window between chapter 9 and 10. At which part I just started reading, and couldn't stop. 2am, just a bit more. 4am, last quarter. 5am, tired as f***, but jane meets giant tentacle monster. RUH OH! All she needs is a Japanese schoolgirl uniform and things WILL get slurky. or not…_Well… good news is, I only have to wait a month or so for next chapter.

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