London Calling…

Hello my pretties! This is just a brief update post before I leave tonight for London. I’m so excited to see my friends, it’s a little ridiculous.

First of all, here are a couple of great reviews of Jane. Abigail at All Things Urban Fantasy enjoyed Jane, as did Amanda at Floor to Ceiling Books.

Paul Goat Allen, the paranormal reviewer/blogger for Barnes and Noble, also wrote an absolutely gorgeous review of Tempest’s Legacy, in which he says, “Jane is such a great character – she is definitely paranormal fantasy’s “It Girl” – she’s spunky, naïve, idealistic, courageous, funny, and incredibly sexy in her own way.” I think that about sums up Jane, and it was so lovely to read. Thank you, Paul!

You can also join the Barnes and Noble discussion about Tempest’s Legacy, here.

Orbit’s also put up this adorable advertisement over at Smart Bitches:

It links over to a sample chapter of Legacy… one of my favorites in the book!

I think that’s it for Jane! If I’ve missed something, give me a shout. As for me, it’s been a very hectic and very rewarding week at our MFA residency. Here’s a pic of all the students at the first evening’s reception:

And here’s a pic of all our graduates on SHU’s lovely grand staircase:

It was my first “real” residency–I’d attended the last one, but more as an observer. And it was so much fun, this time. I loved the teaching, and the students are wonderful. I’m so happy for the graduates, and any sadness about their leaving is mitigated by the fact they always come back for a summer retreat that runs parallel to our summer residency. In other words, people, if you come to SHU for our MFA, know this: you apparently never, ever leave. Which I think says a lot for the program.

And if you’re curious about my other hat, the academic one, here’s an article I did for on the recent Huckleberry Finn censoring debacle. I forget how much I love writing more academic things, until I’m doing it and it feels so good.

Finally, I am officially off the fence when it comes to my hair. I’ve always had long hair, and recently cut it short. It took me a while to feel like I wasn’t wearing a wig. As a friend commented, “You’re a ‘long hair’ person,” and it took me a while to become a “short hair person.” Anyway, I am now completely sold. Here’s the latest incarnation, and I’m very pleased:

So yay to short hair! It’s so much easier, and it always looks okay. The problem with my long hair was it looked nice about twice a month. Other than that, it was in a ponytail. So this haircut always looks like I’m definitively not homeless, whereas it was sometimes hard to tell with the long hair.

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9 thoughts on “London Calling…”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Firstly – love your books! Secondly – love your hair. As a 'short' hair girl myself (I mean reeeally short) I've been toying with going through growing out hell and wearing it longer. Your comment about how often long hair looks good has just reminded me why I cut it in the first place. So, keep rockin' the short hair and I think I will too now!

  2. I'm obviously playing catch up on your blog right now. The article you wrote a is fantastic!!!

    Coming from a theatre perspective, Huckleberry Finn is easily one of my favorite musicals. I was reminded of that recently when the community theatre I am affiated with produced the show. I live in the South and there was definitely a brief debate as to whether or not the n-word would be used. The argument was won by the actor who (beautifully) played Jim, who insisted upon it for the historical reasons you indicated in your article.

    Living in the south, I completely understand your argument for placing the justification in a current context. My "work mom" is black and she and I have had some great dialogues over race, particularly how amused she always is at the statement "some of my best friends are [insert other race here]!" I've found it really easy to talk to her about race, even some of my own personal prejudices.

    Basically, I'm just totally agreeing with you! 🙂 Though I hate the whitewashing of it, I'm glad the opportunity for a dialogue presented itself. It's good to keep talking about it.

    And I swear to god I'm not a creepy internet stalker even though this is like the fourth post I've commented on today…

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