San Fran, Here I Come! With a Treat for While I’m Gone.

Howdy folks! Tomorrow morning I fly out to San Francisco, bright and early (I have to be up at the taint of dawn). I’m so excited to see Jana and all of my other friends in SF. I’ll either blog while I’m there or when I get back…depends on how busy I am.

For those of you in SF, I’d love for you to come see me Saturday, during Lit Crawl. You can find out more info at the official site, here, and on my Upcoming Appearances page, here.

I’ll miss everyone else, but I thought I’d leave you with something to remember me by while I’m gone. Someone had brought up Neko Case in comments to one of my “Things I Like,” and it reminded me to showcase her. I’m always going to add her to Things I Like, and then I always forget. But not this time!

Here’s my all time favorite Neko Case song, “People Got a Lotta Nerve.” It cracks me up, every time I hear it:

And another of my faves, “This Tornado Loves You”:

If you’ve never heard her and you’re interested, I think iTunes offers a good “best of” iMix. She does have a lot of albums, so it can be intimidating to dive in.

Y’all be good while I’m gone, and I’ll see you here in the Emporium when I get back. Hopefully with a lot more Jane written and some good stories I may or may not share in their entirety. 😉

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  1. ouch! sorry to hear that – should've warned you about our "indian summers"; May-August you need a down jacket here, but Sept/Oct is tank-top season!

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