This Just In: San Francisco and LitCrawl!

I’m a big fan of crawling: nightcrawling, pubcrawling, dropped-my-contact-crawling . . . and now LitCrawling!

After having planned a completely spontaneous, last-minute trip to go see my lovely friend, Jana, in San Francisco, I sent one of my typically annoying emails to Orbit’s ever-patient (and most probably magical) publicist, Jack. It read something like, “OMG! Wow, like, I’m ummmm gonna be in San Fran for like a few days–we’re going to eat from those zeppelins of meat!–so, um, could I do something there, and stuff? for the books? And stuff?”

Jack, once again, translated (hence the patient part) my mindless patois and then (magically!) found me an event to glom myself on to like an overzealous leech.

On Saturday October 9th, I’ll be appearing with the lovely Gail Carriger, amongst others, for LitQuake’s LitCrawl, at Borderlands, from 7:15-8:15. Full details can be found here, on my appearances page.

Shenanigans occur when Gail and I are together, as you can discover if you click on the pic…

As for other things I’m doing, I’ll be attending Whiskyfest that Friday night (so don’t light up any cigarettes near me on Saturday; we both may go up in flames from the fumes). I’ll also be taking my Oldest Favorite Lady, Jana, to meet some of my Newest Favorite Ladies at The House of Prime Rib. Rachael Herron, Juliet Blackwell, Sophie Littlefield, Jana and I plan on reenacting the scene from Anthony Bourdain’s visit to SF, where he gets rather blottoed and waxes poetic about the House of Prime Rib’s zeppelins of meat.

If one of us hasn’t nestled inside one of these fuckers by the end of our visit, then we obviously need another round.

I’m so excited for October, San Francisco, old and new friends, and ZEPPELINS OF MEAT! Come share my excitement with me at Borderlands! 🙂

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