We Have a Wiener!

The Contest Can has spoken! Well, that’s actually a lie. The Contest Can WOULD have spoken, but I have no idea which box it’s packed in. So, instead, the internet randomizer has spoken, and I have a wiener for my Tracking the Tempest contest!

The wiener of all this good stuff:

Is Elie N! Yay for Elie! I’m very happy she won, as she’s been a huge supporter of Jane from the beginning. So, thanks for playing to ALL of you, and huge congrats to Elie.

That said, Elie, you won’t be getting your prize for a few weeks . . . it’s probably in the same box as the Contest Can. 😉 But I’ll send it as soon as I’ve unearthed it, I promise. Just email me your address to iheartselkies(at)gmail(dot)com.

And I’ll blog soon with some more moving updates, as well as my upcoming trip to Seattle. If you’re in that area, don’t forget Mark Henry and I will be doing a signing. There’s more info under  Upcoming Appearances, at the top of the page.

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6 thoughts on “We Have a Wiener!”

  1. Thanks, Elie! And I still have NO IDEA where the gift sets are. LOL I know they're in the book boxes, but I didn't get to those before I left for Seattle. I should find them when I get back, though, fairly quickly. I hope. 😉 You'll definitely get the prize pack before September, I promise!

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