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All rightie folks, it’s that time of year: Dr. Peeler is on the move. When summer hits I’m like Flash Gordon . . . only chubbier. And a girl.

I am writing this post from Elburn, Illinois, at my parent’s house. But tomorrow I am flying to London. I’m super excited to be back in the UK; I’ve missed it terribly. I will also be reunited with Dr. Ruth, with whom I travelled around the US last summer. There will, undoubtedly, be many a blog post highlighting food; spa treatments; and prisoney, tattoed men. The three things I like best in life.

So look forward to that! When I return, I’ll be going to Maine with my mom; my former high school English teacher, Mrs. Bunch; and my very good friend, Loren, on what I like to think of as a cross-generational Girls Gone Wild trip. We’ll be staying in Bar Harbor and Eastport, the latter of which is one of the settings for Tempest Rising. I’ll be sure to visit the Old Sow and take lots of pictures.

When I come back from Maine,  I do laundry then turn around a day later to fly to Pittsburgh. There, I will look for a place to live, after which I will drive out to Greensburg for Seton Hill’s June MFA residency. I won’t be teaching any modules, yet, but I’ll be introduced and I’ll also get to meet the people I’ll be mentoring, which I’m very excited about.

I will also get Bessie, my new iPad. So. Excited.

So that’s my June! I will eventually return to Shreveport, where I will definitely Do Some Stuff for Tracking. A signing. Or something. I’m working on it, now.

In the meantime, however, you’ve got some sweet stuff to distract you. Not least of all . . . some new League releases!

First off is Michelle Rowen’s Demon Princess: Reign Check. How cute is this cover?

Love the shiny!

Second up is a book I am VERY excited about. I am a total fangirl of Stacia’s, which means I love it when she publishes new books. I also love it when she grabs my boobs, something she does quite often. But that’s classified as an Official League Secret, so I will say no more. The book Stacia’s got out today is the first book in what looks to be an AMAZING, challenging series that will expand the boundaries of UF as a genre. It’s Unholy Ghosts, people, and you need to go buy it:

That’s your pimpage for the day, peeps. I’ll be seeing you soon . . . and soon I’ll have another extract from Tracking the Tempest! Because my own release date is coming up shortly. Agh! That’s all I have to say on the matter. 🙂

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  1. Where did you live in London? I lived in Bloomsbury for a few months in 2002:) How fantastic that you're taking a trip to Maine. I am also heading up there in the third week of August. I'm super excited to visit Bar Harbor, which is where my novel is set! Happy travels. Let me know if you'll be in Bar Harbor the same week!

  2. @NicolePeeler As an official #shutwitterstalker, I can't wait to meet you at #shures. 🙂

  3. @NicolePeeler Though I technically say it incorrectly. The name comes from the Poet/Bard Amergin. I tacked on an a to make it female.

  4. @NicolePeeler Thanks. 🙂 It's fun. My real name (Ann) is kind of–short.

  5. Sounds like a wild month for sure. Give the Queen my love while in London. She keeps bothering me to come for tea, but I've just been so busy. 🙂

  6. Both of these books sound amazing!

    Well, sounds as you really are on the run for a while. Hope all goes great for you. It would be really cool to see pictures of the place that helped influence Jane's home town. 😉 Looking forward to the pics. Hope you have a great time when you come to Pittsburgh/Greensburg too. Hope you don't have any troubles finding a place to live.

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