Firstly, the stunning Leaguer, Jackie Kessler, has written a serialized novel that she’s revealing on her website. Here’s the prologue! Jackie writes UF, YA, and comic book novels, all of which can be found here. The novel in serialization, Hell to Pay, is part of Jackie’s awesome UF series, Hell on Earth.

And in other League news, Richelle Mead’s latest Vampire Acadamy book, Spirit Bound, has just been released!

I’ve not yet read this series, but it’s been floating around my TBR pile for forever, and I’m really looking forward to digging in. I am always so impressed by Richelle’s professionalism whenever I see her at cons: she’s definitely one of my authorial heroes. 🙂

We’ve got more League releases coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Or I’ll do it for you! Cuz I’m a Peeler. Get it? A Peeler?

I need a nap.

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