Where in the World is Nicole Peeler?

I’m all over the place!

For example, this weekend I’ll be doing a signing with Gail Carriger and Jaye Wells, in Houston. We Orbiteers are all VERY proud of Gail, who just made it on the NYTimes bestseller list! YAY Gail! She is fabulous, her book is fabulous, and I am so very very happy for her.

So I’m looking forward to seeing both Gail and Jaye again. But my friend, ML the Economist, and I are also making Houston into a Weekend du Girlie Thangs. We’re staying from Friday to Sunday at a posh hotel and shopping, shopping, shopping. After all, I need new clothes . . .

For Romantic Times! Yes, that following weekend, I will be wandering around the RT Convention, probably smirking at cover models and dodging my fellow Leaguer’s attempts to haze me. I was too late and unorganized (this is my first RT, I had no idea what I was doing) to get on any panels, BUT I do have some things scheduled. I’m definitely doing Club RT, Thursday at 11:00AM, with an absolute shit ton of other members of the League.*  I’ll also be doing the “Giant Book Fair” (I’m not sure if that means the books are giant, giants are involved, or if it’s merely a large signing) on Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Realistically five people will know who I am, so please please please come see me and put me out of my misery. Bring me a Guinness or a cookie. Better yet, bring both.

At RT, we at the League have some AWESOME shenanigans planned for our fans, so definitely stay tuned if you’re coming to RT. Let’s just say we at the League of Reluctant Adults control the gateway to fun . . . if by fun you mean a pint of snark served with a sidecar of sass and finished with a twist of naughty.

I should also hopefully have some VERY cool swag for RT. Vampire heart removable tattoo, anyone? I just ordered them, though, so I’m not sure if they”ll be delivered in time . . .

And yet, no matter what, I know the hearts will be ready by the time RomConvention rolls around! That’s in Denver, in July, and as yet I have no idea what I’m doing. Mostly because it’s creeping up to finals time and I don’t even remember who I am anymore. But I do know where to locate my red pens and my current stack o’ grading. But I can tell you that the lovely Carolyn Crane and Jeanne Stein are cooking up some trouble, and we’ll definitely be partaking in some larger, non-con ridiculousness around that time with Team Denver, so stay tuned.

At some point I’m also going to be in London, and in Brighton, and in Seattle and San Francisco . . . and I’m sure some other places. The feet are itchy, people, and the passport is new and shiny.

So if you’re in one of those places, and own a bookstore or have a book club, I’d be happy to make an appearance. I also do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

And stay tuned. I’ll be back to my more regular blogging, now that I’ve carved out a little wiggle room in my schedule. Mmmm. Wiggle room.

Ciao for now!

*A shit ton is a metric ton plus one unladen swallow.

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9 thoughts on “Where in the World is Nicole Peeler?”

  1. You are so close, wouldn't you just love to come to New Orleans???? I feel it necessary to beg as many authors as I can down to our little town. I just went to a signing at Octavia Books store with Maggie Stiefvater, Jackson Pearce and Carrie Ryan (YA authors) and it was very nice and intimate…hint hint.



  2. ParaJunkee: THAT is a very good idea. I like. 🙂 Maybe I can rope Diana Rowland in, as well. And it'll be a good excuse for another trip to NOLA, my fave city. 🙂 Let me see how my summer settles in, a bit, and then I'll look into it.

    Melissa: Thanks, Melissa! 😉 And I will try.

  3. Wow!!! I am so sad that I'll be missing the RT in Columbus. I would have been happy to hang with you at the conference. 🙂 I was all set to go, but I have a business trip that conflicts. Only positive is that I get to go home and see the family, so plus/minus. How about a league outing in Indianapolis or Chicago? Chicago is more fun, and there could even be fondue involved. 😉

  4. That's too bad, Heather! I would have loved to meet you. But Carolyn Crane and I ARE actually planning some shenanigans in Chicago for September/October . . . hopefully you could make one of those?

  5. I'll come hang with you at RT Nicole! It's my first one too! I want to be a writer and already am overwhelmed by all the amazing panels that the conference has. Counting down the days! Have to take some finals early this Friday because RT fell on my finals week, but my prof. are pretty cool about letting me take the tests early. Saturday during the big book fair will be my graduation but RT is just so much better than waiting in a MASSIVE line to get my degree–and really, I don't actually get it until later! 😉

    See you next week Nicole!

  6. Jessica: AWESOME. Don't forget the Guinness. I'm kidding . . . (no I'm not). 😉 See you there!

    Heather: I'm sure something can be arranged. The Cage is portable. 😉 Cagematch!

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