Bite Me, You Weiner!

First of all, sorry for the relative radio silence. We have four weeks of teaching left, and I’m traveling for the NEXT THREE WEEKENDS. To say I’m spazzing out is a bit of an understatement. On Monday night I had an anxiety dream in which I was trapped in Keynote, battling my way from slide to slide. Hi! I’m psycho! Great!

But if I’m honest, I’m awesome. Things are chugging away and there’s all sort of big beautiful things afoot. Hopefully I’ll have lots of stuff to share with you soon, but for right now I’m GRADING. I’ve already gone through two pens. That’s a lot of red ink, when you think about it.

So stay tuned, I’ll be back and I’ll be bold and I’ll be beautiful. And young and restless. And for whom the world is turning . . . or was that one canceled? I donnae ken, for my telly is nonexistent.

Not like any of you give a toss! Yer all like, “Dude, who are the two winners of these bitchin’ books by Christopher Moore!”

With no further adieu, I turn to the Contest Can . . . and I reach . . . (and I SWOOP! for those of you also doing Pilates with Dinah 🙂

The weiners of a copy of BITE ME: A LOVE STORY! are:


Congratulations, ladies! Send me your addresses to iheartselkies(aht)gmail(doody)com  and I’ll forward them to The Powers That Be!

In the meantime, I JUST received my copy of Bite Me! I’m reading the whole series (I’ve not actually read any of this trilogy, somehow, something I didn’t actually realize till being told it WAS, indeed, a trilogy), so I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done. I don’t review, per se, but I do GUSH when I love something.  Please no “she’s a gusher” jokes, you filthy, filthy buggers. Anyway, I’m already well enthralled with the first book.

On that pleasant thought, I will leave you be. For I have to go to bed and fight my way out of keynote. Seriously? Can somebody install an off switch in this brain o’ mine? Cuz it drives me crazy!

You all are the best. Smooches.

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  1. Jess: Congrats! And you're welcome! Thank Christopher Moore's publicists! 😉

    WonderBunny: I'm through the first two . . .they're SO FUN. I'm loving them!

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