Things I Like: A Moaning Boy

One thing I really like is when the cover of Tempest Rising wins awards! And Sharon and Lauren’s team at Orbit just pulled in another huge one. Lauren blogs about it, here.

As for other Things I Like, I gotta say, I like a moaning man. Keep your mind out of the gutters, people. I mean their SINGING, of course!

Here are two of my favorite moaning boy bands . . . The first is a “new” discovery for me, and I have to thank my fabulous roommate and Alpha Reader Dr. James Clawson, for giving my ears a listen to Beirut. Listen to the moans, groans, and sighs coming out of this guy . . .

See what I mean by moaners? But such lovely-jubbly moans, they make the hair on my forearms stand to attention. And here they are again, sporting not only a tiny mandolin but an AMAZING mustache.

The second band is an old fave of mine. They’re big in the UK, although less well known in the States. They are the Guillemots, and I adore them and their moanie, moanie gorgeousness:

Love that song! But here’s my absolute favorite, not least because this video is amazing:

So there are my favorite Molly Moaners. Do you have a favorite band o’ moaners?

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