RT Schedule, UK Editions, and More!

So, I’ve had a ridiculously exciting week and to top it off, I get to fly out to Romantic Times tomorrow! Here’s my schedule for those also attending:

Wednesday: Find other Leaguers and snark

Thursday: Between snarking, attend Club RT at 11:00 AM

Friday: Much Snark, culminating in dinner with my Editrix, then a huge get together with all the Orbit writers attending RT.

Saturday: MONDO SIGNING from 11:00-2:00. I will sign anything, including babies. Especially if you bring me Guinness. In exchange, I will give you sweet, sweet, snark and . . . better yet . .  . check out THESE babies:

VAMPIRE HEART TATTOOS! I know you want one! So come and get ’em!

In other, very exciting, news, Orbit UK has just picked up all three Jane True books! It was very important for me that they be released in the UK, as I wrote the first book in Edinburgh. So I am absolutely chuffed to bits. Here’s the link to Amazon.co.uk, with all the release dates! Tempest Rising and Tracking the Tempest will both be released in the UK on August 5th, 2010, and it looks like Tempest’s Legacy will only be a few days later than its US release, at January 6, 2011.

In looking these things up, I also spy on amazon.co.uk my German title! Tempest Rising becomes Nachtstürme: Roman in German. I think that sounds AWESOME. Like a death metal band wearing a toga.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see all the European covers. Sooooo exciting.

Finally, I had a fantastic time in Houston with Gail Carriger and Jaye Wells. You can read all about it on Orbit’s site. Everyone who came out was awesome, the staff at Murder By the Book were absolutely stellar, and Jaye and Gail are great gals. It was wonderful to see them again and we had a really good time working together.

I’ll try to update from RT, and take lots of pictures, and try not to get too greasy on any baby oil slathered cover models. Gross! And yet bizarrely titillating! From what I hear they’re like slip and slides. Only bumpier.

Y’all go ahead and think on that. 😉

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15 thoughts on “RT Schedule, UK Editions, and More!”

  1. @NicolePeeler who's idea was the tattoo? cause those things are freakin fantastic!!

  2. @NicolePeeler *bows down to swag genius* I luvs them!! I want to give them out to my book club in their Christmas goodie bags, lol 🙂

  3. @NicolePeeler I'm so jealous of all you guys in one place and I'M NOT THERE!! I can't wait for all the pictures and stories, lol 🙂

  4. I want one of those tattoos! Okay, a few of those tattoos! I love them. I do hope you have a great time at RT! I was trying to think of an excuse to tell my husband and kid I am going to Columbus – a five hour trip. But haven't come up with one. Sounds like an awesome convention.

    Glad to hear Jane is doing so well and going on a trip over seas. That is amazing!!!

  5. Congrats on the UK releases!!! Sad that I can't be at RT, but save us some of those tattoos…they are sweet. Plus, should we start a collection in case you get arrested for molesting models. 😉

  6. What a great crew! I wish you three were coming to Baltimore! Congrats on your exciting news. The tattoos rock:)

    ps- Thanks for your Piracy blog post. I've read it many times and it has helped me understand the nuts and bolts of publishing from an author's perspective.

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