When My Ears Burn, It HAS To Be Good . . .

For this Monday I thought I’d fire off a couple of recommendations. One is a film and one is a novel, but what both have in common is some of the most creative, hilarious use of vulgar language I’ve heard in quite some time.

As you’ve probably already figured out, I have a bit of a potty mouth. And by “a bit” I mean a rat infested sewer of a mouth. As a wee little girl from Niddrie (a council estate near Edinburgh) told my friend, in a lovely Scottish accent, no less: “I love swearing. It’s fucking great.”

I come from a family of swearers, I am a swearer, and many of my friends are swearers . . . so when I find something that shocks me–that reminds me of the power of a truly inspired bit of obscenity–it’s gotta be pretty extreme.

Therefore, if you don’t like swearing, never, ever go near the following film, although this theatrical trailer is (relatively) clean:

The film is In the Loop and it’s up for an Oscar. All I know is it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in years. On a superficial level, it is utterly, absolutely entertaining. I laughed through the entire film, as did all of my friends. I want to see it again because not only were the lines so rapidly delivered, but everyone in the theater was laughing so hard, at times, that it was hard to hear. It felt like I sat down, started laughing, and then suddenly it was all over, leaving me wanting more.

That said, the film is also brilliant, with one of the bleakest, most frightening portrayals of modern politics I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to miss, simply because you’re too busy watching the characters tear around insulting everyone. But underneath all that humor, In the Loops suggests that modern politics are still as much about ego, competitiveness, and personal aggrandizement as Shakespeare depicted them in King Lear. Only the weapons have changed, making the stakes so very much higher and deadlier.

With fantastic performances all around, and a storyline that works on a number of levels, I can’t recommend In The Loop enough.

And speaking of King Lear, my second recommendation is Christopher Moore’s The Fool:

Bawdy and irresistible, this is another story that works on two levels. I was pinging from one image to another (little man in a canoe!) and reveling in the language of this work, but meanwhile the literary academic in me was squealing over the layers of allusions to various Shakespeare productions. I adored this book, as did all of the ladies in my book club. And it wasn’t just the Chatham Artillery Punch, talking, either!

So if you’re bored this weekend, try to get your hands on either of these fantastic works. Due to the Oscar nod, In the Loop is back in theaters (especially independents) the Fool is coming out in paperback any second. Both will floor you with their use of language, but also with their wit and intelligence. Filthy AND smart . . . it’s a combination I find absolutely irresistible. 😉

And just because I’m in the mood for a little heinous fuckery,* here’s a picture of my trifle:


The song was, indeed, originally, “my trifle brings all the boys to the yard,” till that bitch changed it.


*For true heinous fuckery in action, you have to read The Fool


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15 thoughts on “When My Ears Burn, It HAS To Be Good . . .”

  1. @NicolePeeler it's quite lovely…Missing those foods…Seattle is not a mecca for pubs or classic British foods.

  2. I'm kind of sleepy this morning, and having trouble picturing you whipping up this lovely trifle for a lady's book club to discuss a book with bawdy language. I guess here in Michigan our book clubs are rather boring which is why I haven't joined them. Maybe they just need a good kick in the pants:)

  3. Brenda, all you need is Artillery Punch. 😉 It would make a root canal into a par-tay. 😉

  4. That looks like a pampered chef trifle bowl, I have one too. Love CMoore, I am excited for his upcoming release.

  5. It's actually crate and barrel, but seen one trifle bowl you've seen them all.;-) And this book is SO GOOD. SOOOOO GOOD. *little man in a canoe!**does*

  6. I printed out the punch recipe because, holy cow! I hope I can find catawba wine. Is it red or white? Does that even matter with what all else is in this punch? I bet if I put in any old wine and told people it was catawba wine, they would never, ever know the difference. And if I go with the quantities listed, I'm going to need to invite over a friend or two. Maybe three. =)

  7. Zita, I've never once found Catawba wine. It's a vintage local to the Artillery, methinks. I use a nice sweet rosé, instead. And I would definitely bring one extra liver and a hollow leg. 😉

  8. I love In the Loop and the series which spawned it, The Thick of It. British politicians really like to fucking, like, swear a fucking lot. Even Tony Blair does it. Sad XXXXers.

    Hope they let you out of that cage soon.

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