The Weiner! And More Excitement!

Y’all came up with some AWESOME responses to the last contest question: What would REALLY win out, brain or brawn? Most of you seem to have gone for brain. And while I hope this is true, I still have this vision of me being like, “I will think my way out of this nightmare!”–right up until someone pops me in the nose and I’m down for the count.

But I think one idea shone through that is absolutely relevant and true, and that’s the idea that we want our heroes/heroines to have brains, because otherwise their books would be pants. Por ejemplo, snark unmitigated by intelligence isn’t snark . . . it’s just being a bitch.

So yay! Fun responses that I really enjoyed reading, which means its with great pleasure that I reach my greasy little paw into . . . the CONTEST CAN!

And the weiner is . . . . . the very last commenter, SARAH! Way to pip the others at the post! Congrats!

Email me at iheartselkies(at)gmail(daht)com with your address and I’ll have Carolyn Crane’s Mind Games expedited to you.

And in very fun news, the fabulous Mario Acevedo is going to be guest blogging here, tomorrow. The post is hilarious, although everything he says about me are LIES! Terrible LIES!

Alongside of Mario’s blog I’ll be running a contest to win his newest book, Werewolf Smackdown. I couldn’t be more excited. Could you? 😉

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