Some Pimpage and a Contest!

It’s that time of the month, again . . . the League is stirring and, panting like a Lamaze instructor, birthing BOOKS!

In a few days, Mario Acevedo will be guest posting here, and I’ll be running a contest to win his newest book: Werewolf Smackdown!

How great are these covers? Between now and my contest, though, feel free to buy the rest of Mario’s books. OR buy Werewolf Smackdown anyway because you know how good it’s going to be, and you know you’ll probably need another copy if you get too excited reading the first and spit coca-cola on it. Or whatever other fluids Mario’s fiction may make you spit. It’s okay…this is a judge free zone.

But in the MEANTIME, I have a contest for RIGHT NOW! I’m very excited when we get to launch a debut novel by a Leaguer. After all, the League was there for me when I debuted Tempest Rising and I don’t know where I’d be without their support. So it’s with great pleasure that I announce the launch of Carolyn Crane’s debut novel, MIND GAMES! Huzzah!

How good does that look? Her heroine is totally gonna cut a bitch. And what a big knife she has! To win a copy of Carolyn’s book, just ponder the following question and insert your thoughts into my comments box. *giggles*

As a nerd, I like to tell myself that brains (MIND GAMES!) will win over brawn (WEREWOLF SMACKDOWNS!), and yet I also know that I’m not going to manage to Machiavelli my way out of a situation if someone has their filthy paws wrapped around my throat. So what do you think is really more important for a hero/heroine? Brains or brawn?

Comment here, and I’ll choose a winner, randomly, from the CONTEST CAN! on Friday, at noon, Louisiana time. Which doesn’t mean 1:30, you assholes, it means central time.

Awesome! Have great weeks! And stay tuned for later in the week when Mario will be visiting. I’m gonna start laying down tarps now . . . it will inevitably get sticky.

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52 thoughts on “Some Pimpage and a Contest!”

  1. I would love to win Mind Games. Please enter me. Also I love it that you swore in your post.

  2. I think that brain is definitley more important! You know to get out of the situation before the brawn becomes neccessary 😉

    And Mind Games has an AWESOME cover!


  3. Awww, bless you, Belinda. I swear all the time. 😉 This is obviously your first time here. Beware the f-bombs; they fall like summer rain.

  4. ROFL. I'm totally for the brains and yes I know I sound like a zombie now.

    Cuz seriously what good does brawn do when you forget where to hit?

  5. Well, being able to lift a giant rock is nice, but being as smart as one will most likely get you into more trouble. I'll go with brains. If you don't have braun, that's what weapons are for…gun…giant knife…sword…flame thrower, etc.

    A tarp??? Should I put on safety glasses too? I wouldn't want to get anything in my eyes. 🙂

  6. Brains would trump braun in my opinion. With brains you can talk your way out of difficult situations. With braun, things just get bloody, then the cops are called and someone always ends up in handcuffs and not in a good way.

  7. Sufficient brainpower can compensate for lack of physical strength, but the ability to throw down can also go a long way. A hero or heroine who can think is a lot more interesting to read about, though. Hulk without Banner would get old quickly, as fun as smashfests can be. Banner without Hulk… Well, the story possibilities are more varied when you have a brilliant scientist to work with!

    So brains. Definitely.

  8. Why can't the heroine have both?! We really need to choose? I, for one, think that the heroine needs to be smart to survive, but without a bit of muscle, what good is the mushy stuff between her ears?

    Did I just ask more questions instead of give answers? Fuck, I did it again!

    I think muscle. If I HAVE to choose!

  9. Brains vs Brawn? It is all about the balance. There is a reason that Superman could pound the stuffing out of Superman. Without the brains to back up the brawn you are vulnerable. Back in the 80's Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was quoted as saying, "There will always be someone stronger than me. There will always be someone faster than me. There never has to be anyone sneakier than me."

    And for the record, if you did not swear in a post I would not believe it is actually you posting. 😉

  10. Brains over brawn! Cunning over cut abs! Be it a leathered up hunk or a corseted femme fatale…without brains, their just pretty frames with no pictures. Think of your favorite character in your favorite book, how smart are they? How good looking?

  11. Brains or brawn? I’ll say brains. That way he/she can think their way out of a crappy situation. It will be hopeless if the hero/heroine is strong enough to fight back but not intelligent enough to come up with a plan to save their ass. I can see them standing surrounded by beat down bad guys scratching their heads thinking uhmm now what ?

  12. Brains hands down! You can weasel your way out of situations that physical strength won't help you. Can't wait for Jane #2!

  13. Brains for me 🙂 Brawn is useful in helping to implement some of the ideas but practical brains wins all the time. The unpractical brainy ones though they can be a bit of a pain lol

  14. Brains are definitely worth more than would be kind of pointless if you're this big strong person but have no clue what to do.

  15. definitely Brains over Brawn.

    Looking forward to reading Mind Games, sound very interesting.

    @ Nicole: can't wait till your next book…loved Tempest Rising 😉

  16. I'll go for brains too, since if you have brains, hopefully you won't get in a situation that calls for brawn anyway. It would be nice to have brains and a fit body though, and some weapons of course, so you could fight if you had to.

  17. Being an avid live roleplayer I can tell that for me brain comes before brawn. I talked my way out of many situations where I was outnumbered and beaten to a pulp (not for real luckily as it was larp) if it had come to a fight.

    So while branw may be useful one on one, brain can still help you when you have to deal with a whole mob.

  18. I agree with the majority. I would choose brains. With the Hulk reference Jamie B used, as long as Edward Norton was playing Bruce Banner I could care less how smart he is or what he turned into.

  19. Brains are definitely more important, although it's nice to be able to look at some brawn in ripped jeans, no shirt, maybe a little sweaty…. umm I'm getting off track. Anyway I would totally love to win a copy!

  20. Everyone seems to be going for brains, I am just gonna take the opposite road then. Yes brain is sure needed, but if you are big and bad you'll kick some ass (and I do except him to have some brains, if you is just big and drooling then brain totally winds 😉

  21. Am I the only one seeing this?… It can't be an either/or answer. It must be both! With one additional ingredient… Attitude. Who wants to read about some smart girl that needs someone to take care of her all the time? Or some tough gal that's not smart enough to figure anyything out on her own. No, to me the only answer is, a good Protag needs three main traits to pull her through to the readers. Brains to figure it all out… Brawn to kick their ass … And attitude to tell them how it's done!

  22. Okay first I have as yet to get past the "her heroine is totally gonna cut a bitch" as described so aptly by you Nicole she does have a really big knife. That means to put it simply yes brains over brawn every time. Brains means you are smart enough by crackies to carry weapons of mass destruction on your person therefore negating the need for brawn as no way no how is some muscle bound drooling freak of nature going to get close enough to touch you much less hurt you… Now see Corie that is where the 'tude part comes in, pretty skinny chickie looks really helpless right? Well, that goes to show you where the "brains" trump the "brawn"!

    I want the book pure and simple, hope I win if I do not that is what book stores are for. (wish there was one lot closer to me right now, would already be reading the book instead of on here!!)


  23. OMG you called me an asshole. I'm now angry. SO, angry that I could use my brain power to smite you. See, I think brain power is more important because what I may lack in brawn I could make up for with a really big knife and a snazzy gun.

  24. Brains will win every day and twice on Sunday. Why else do you think zombies are so keen for them? You don't here them shambling down the street moaning "braaaaaawwwwnssss" now, do you?

  25. "Here" them? That's the Canadian spelling for hear. Like neighbour and favourite and centre. =)

  26. Ideally, the winner in a fight would have both brains and brawn, but since it looks like I HAVE to pick one, I'm going with the majority vote and picking brains (not surprising what option is in front since we've all entered a contest to win a book — might be a different answer if we were competing for a gym membership).

    Fighting skills and muscle come in handy, but guns are the great equaliser and you don't have to be especially strong to shoot someone. Hell, you don't even have to be within reach of the other person to wound or kill them. all the muscle in the world won't help someone if they've got a hole in them. Brains will help you decide which option you want to take based on what's in your best interests. Brains can help prevent you from getting into a dangerous situation, help you work out how to keep a volatile situation from degenerating to violence, or direct you to the safest hiding spot.

  27. Enter me for the giveaway. Would love to win this book!

    I know I am probably wanting too much but I want brains and brawn together…O well,it is fiction and a girl can imagine as much as she wants!! Now stop blaming me for being too demanding…enough!

    And God! I just tuned into your blog and I am already in love with the way you write! *blushes*

  28. I think they have to have a balance betweeen the two, but it also depends on the story. Sometimes being smarter is more useful than being strong and vice versa.

  29. Definitely, definitely brains. With brains, you can convince other more brawny people to do all the heavy lifting, and talk your way out of bad situations. One of my fave eps of Buffy is when she is weakened by Giles for her 18th birthday and has to defeat a crazy vamp without her strength. She kicks ass, even when not endowed with super strength. Muscle only gets you so far, and certainly doesn't create a hero/heroine you can really connect with (at least, I don't think so).

    It's also good if the hero/heroine has a sarcastic tongue, too. I like them to kick ass and quip about it. You can tell I REALLY liked Buffy, lol.

  30. *sigh* I commented and my comment never appeared. This makes me sad 🙁

    But the oompetition sounds ace, and kind of compensates for the sadness, so I thought I'd try one more time… Definitely definitely brains – any Buffy fan will probably like the eps where brains not brawn wins out (Hush? Helpless?) Biiiig fan of Buffy, I like a heroine to kick ass and quip at the same time lol.

  31. Brains over brawn because the brains have the quick wit to escape or at least be a smartass and make me laugh. Brains and fast moving feet…..

  32. Nicole; thanks for more awesome Reluctant Adult action!

    Better be the brains (and by brains I mean smartass)… how else can you weave witty repartee as you insult bad guy's man-hood? really… anyone could have kicked him where it hurts… eventually it fades, but insults last forever…

    PS – can't wait for the next book 😉

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