Ich Bin Swimming!

Our terribly awesome dayIn exciting news, Tempest Rising is coming out in both Italy (from Newton and Compton) and Germany (from Heyne Verlag). This means that my words will be translated into Italian and German, making me fantasize that I will learn to speak both languages fluently through some sort of process of osmosis. My agent says this is unlikely, but a girl can dream!

I’ve also been busy over at some other blogs. For Philip Palmer’s awesome blog series on SFF inspired music, I’ve introduced you to why I love a “Sea Lion Woman” as much as I love a seal woman.

And over at the Orbit Books blog, Gail Carriger’s Alexia and my own Jane have been nattering away again. The results are rather adorable. Those two are such cards!

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6 thoughts on “Ich Bin Swimming!”

  1. Nicole, darling–do you mean Philip Palmer? You've got Pullman up there, and I think that might get a bunch of Golden Compass fans twitterpated. LOL.

    And congrats on German & Italian sales!! Just don't say "Ich bin ein Berliner" if you go to Germany! LOL.

    Goes off now to listen to Feist…;)

  2. Dani C: I'm sorry! I'm an idiot. And my roommate and I were JUST joking about how, whenever I say Philip Palmer, he thinks I mean Philip Pullman. Not that the former isn't exciting, but GOLDEN COMPASS! *drools*

  3. Congrats on the publishing in Italy and Germany!! That is a great accomplishment to be translated into another language. You really are doing something right 😉 Keep going!

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