The Fruits of my Labor!

And I didn’t even need an epidural!

My beautiful, wonderful, most exalted Editrix just surprised me with THE REAL COPY OF TEMPEST RISING!

(Please ignore my sweaty, red face. I’d just returned from walkies.)

Here’s the bouncy baby book!

Photo on 2009-10-03 at 17.39 #3

It looks even better than the ARC. The colors are deeper, more subtle, and yet somehow give Sharon’s GORGEOUS picture more depth. There’s also no “ARC” stamp on the front, so it’s just loveliness!

Next up is a TEASER picture . . . for greeting the reader first thing is a black and white version of the cover of . . . TRACKING THE TEMPEST!

Photo on 2009-10-03 at 17.40

I know ya’ll can’t really see that. Cause I’m a tease! Woot!

Finally, the other big change in the real version is they took out the celtic tree of life that we had as our chapter header, and put in the vampire heart from the cover. I love a celtic tree of life, don’t get me wrong, but the vampire heart is Sharon’s unique and perfect contribution to this series! Plus I want to have it tattooed on my body, I love it so much.

Photo on 2009-10-03 at 17.40 #2

And yeah, I look kinda gerbil-ey behind there. Not sure why. ร‚ย Moving along . . .

Finally, there’s a tiny, awesome, punchy scene from Tracking to cap everything off. EXCITEMENT!

I can’t wait to see my baby, times thousands, all over America! Yay!!!

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15 thoughts on “The Fruits of my Labor!”

  1. Congratulations! Here's hoping your baby goes to many, many new homes next month.

  2. YIPPEE! SKIPPEE!!!! How exciting! We must hold a baby shower soon! I am so excited for you. YOU ROCK!

  3. Hi Nicole!

    What a great day, to hold in your hand the realization of your long-held dream.

    Thank you for sharing your special day.

    Love & Best wishes,



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