Falcata Times Review and Interview!

The wonderful Gareth over at Falcata Times has been so kind as to give me a MEGA INTERVIEW as well as a lovely review.

He did manage to find a picture on the internet in which I appear to have only one eye. I do, indeed, have two eyes. Luckily, after Mark Henry posted the video of me singing Sabotage to Rockband, I’m beyond embarrassment.*

*Okay, for those of you that know me in real life you know I actually cultivate embarrassment but shhhh, this is all part of my schtick, so don’t tell anybody. 😉

Posted by Nicole Peeler

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4 thoughts on “Falcata Times Review and Interview!”

  1. Nobody cared about watching me embarrass myself till now. 😉 But yes, you were super about putting it up RIGHT AWAY. And for that we thank you.

    All I have to say is ROUND TWO now that Dakota has the Queen version. Fat Bottomed Girls, anybody?????

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