A Selkie Spotting!

According to an informant at the League, there’s been a selkie spotting at a Borders south of Boston!

Do don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled and join in the hunt to win one of two $25 dollar gift certificates to Barnes and Noble!


There have been two, photo-confirmed selkie sightings! The first comes all the way from Orkney, courtesy of the lovely Thom Marrion:

Tempest Rising (Orkney)

And the second comes from Sara M., who sighted her selkie in Oviedo, Florida:


They DO get around, don’t they!

Sara’s name is now in the Contest Can, and Thom has absolutely set the bar for Wildest Selkie Sighting. If I loved him any more right now I’d have to marry him. His picture has made me go all bourgeois inside!

Posted by Nicole Peeler

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