Mention in the LA Times . . .

I was incredibly chuffed to see this mention of Tempest Rising in the LA Times:

“Others point to a rising wave of books involving merfolk and selkies (seal-like creatures that transform back and forth from human form by shedding or donning their seal skins) including Aimee Friedman’s Sea Change, published this summer, and Nicole Peeler’s Tempest Rising (scheduled to hit stores on Tuesday).

‘I think we’re going to be seeing more of the [supernatural creatures] that aren’t particularly famous,’ says GalleyCat’s Hogan, ‘the whole broader spectrum, the fairy kingdom and selkies. They’ll emerge because they’re fresh and new.'”

How exciting! And thanks to the delightful Ron Hogan for throwing my name out there. You rock, Ron!

If you want to hear my take on why UF is so big right now, keep your eyes peeled for the essay I’ve written for John Scalzi’s Big Idea. It should be posted October 27th.

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