Shreveport Stylin'

So Rootie and I spent one night and a bit of a morning in Shreveport.

It was edifying.

The evening was a bombdiggity blast, as I discussed in my last post. The Cub! Noble Savage! Shitty Kitty!

First the Cub, where Rootie had her FIRST STEAK:


At the Savage:


There’s another picture of us with Lee and Chef, the bartender and owner, respectively, of the Savage. But it was taken by the DRUNKEST MAN ALIVE, and is all foobarred. Why did we ask him to take the photo, you ask? We didn’t know he was that drunk until he put the camera upside down to take the photo. Then we all said, “Shit.”

The next morning we packed, then we made ready to hit the road. But first we had lunch. Which consisted of Raisin’ Cane’s and a little sweet treat.

Rootie was impressed by the chicken fingers, although there was some confusion as I’d ERADICATED from my memory the fact that the British refer to the chicken finger as “chicken goujons.” Goujons? Really? Sounds like something about which one goes to a dermatologist. To be fair, however, Rootie was perfectly reasonable when she said, “But chickens don’t have fingers.” But do they have goujons?

Anyway, here’s a chicken goujon, for those of you at home:


And then I took Ruth next door to Krispy Kreme. Which, btw, she pronounces as it’s spelt. Which is the cutest thing evah if rather inappropriately elegant for what is, in actuality, hot solidified fat.

dsc00454 dsc00456

And the reaction shot. Rootie liked!


Awesome. So that was Shreveport, in a nutshell. Then we hit the road, to NOLA.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Shreveport Stylin'”

  1. Hilarious! Great to keep up with the antics of my little sis stuffing her face right round the US of A. God bless!!

  2. You're like the female version of Anthony Bourdain. And Rootie looks like Lisa Loeb. Me hungry now.

  3. Owen: Awesome! I'm glad Ruth's family can follow her adventures! We're having a great time and I only nearly gave her a heart attack once with my driving. 😉

    Qwill: Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Again, Anon, Thanks! That's such a great compliment!

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