NOLA Day 1

NOLA is probably on my list of top five cities right now. I’m seriously OBSESSED. I love the people, the food, the architecture, and the joie de vivre that permeates the air. Speaking of “permeates,” I even love that NOLA stench. As Rootie cooed happily upon walking through the Quarter, “Ohhh, it smells like Europe!”

We’re staying at the French Quarter W. It is outrageously swank. It makes the really swank W hotel in Dallas appear a bit shabby, really. Here’s some pics. Mrwowr!


The view from our window of the W courtyard. And the room:


We cleaned up and unpacked a bit (read: strew about our clothes), then went down to the courtyard for some lovely cocktails that were for charity. There is no pleasure like the pleasure that is DRINKING FOR A GOOD CAUSE:


Then we commenced The Eating. Ohhhhh sweet dear baby Jesus, I love the food down here. For our first night, we went to Coop’s, on Decataur, as I fancied some bunny with rice. But first, we had smoked duck quesadillas:


Note the Abita Amber, which is the local brew. For mains, I had the rabbit jambalaya, while Ruth had my usual stand-by, read beans and rice with sausage:

dsc00514 dsc00515

Everything was delish, but I think the winner was the smoked duck quesadillas. I’ve had them other places in NOLA and this was by far the best. They were ducky sublime. As you can see by this picture, which was taken about five seconds after the waiter put them down. He’s lucky we didn’t get one of his fingers:


After that we went to this adorable bar I love in Pirate’s Alley. I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s an absinthe bar right off Jackson Square. It’s tiny but they have outdoor tables and it reminds me SO MUCH of being in Granada. I get very nostalgic, there. Ruth and I drank a little Sailor Jerry (because who’s not going to drink rum in Pirate’s Alley?):


Here’s the scoop, poops: NOLA makes me happy. I’d move here in a heartbeat. Look at how happy we are! Happy!

dsc00520 dsc00521

We’re glowing! And we’re not pregnant! Although, at this rate, the food baby WILL be kicking.

I’ll end with today’s moment of “awww,” which is for my new skull fascinator. It’s a butterfly! And a skull! And I made a new friend buying it, which is ALWAYS fun. Here it is!


Ciao for now!

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  1. Rob: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! And we're having an absolute blast.

    Jessica: Thanks! It is SUCH a great city. Everyone should visit! NOLA needs you!

    Qwill: Yay! Thanks!!! NOLA rules!

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