New York! New York! Day 4

We started our day with coffee and smoothies, made by our hostess with the mostess, Kristin! Delish! And she uses a “magic bullet” to make them, which never ceases to amuse me. I love it when everyday kitchen appliances are named after sex toys. My friends have a rabbit cork screw thingie, and they always ask me to fetch it for them just because they like to give me a giggle.


After breakfast we went vintage clothes shopping. SO MUCH fun! Kristin found these saucy yellow shoes:


They made Kristin about 8 feet tall, btw. We scampered around her feet like forest creatures. What did I buy, you ask? Well, I bought another skull bandana, and I bought THIS for belly dancing:


Yes, those are ACTUAL CHAINS. It’s the coolest belt I’ve EVER SEEN. See it in action!


Kristin’s a natural! She should join us in the Port Belly Futures! I will, however, need to remember that I am wearing chains on my hips, so I don’t bruise any fellow dancers with any unplanned shimmies. CHAINS! How cool is that???

After shopping, we went for brunch at a Bavarian Beer Hall place. It was amazing:


I had what was probably my favorite meal of the entire trip. I’m not knocking our other meals! We ate like kings. But this brunch? OMG. Look at that bacon!


It was sooooooooooooo good. I’m drooling looking at it. Contemplating buying ticket to La Guardia for Sunday just for brunch. Is that excessive? Probably. But tempting!!!

After brunch we wandered around Williamsburg, and hit up the local street fair:


It was super fun, and this guy made my year:


He’s selling poems! Freshly written poems! And those chalk lines on the ground are so that everyone can line up in an orderly queue while they wait. I love this guy!


After the market we sacked out in a park to digest our various pork products and enjoy some ice cream. And then Sam ate Kristin’s face:


No, he is really blowing through her nostrils because her head was stuffed up. He offered to do it to all of us, but we passed. Kristin, however, reeeeealllly seems to enjoy it, so maybe we were wrong to judge?

When we’d sufficiently lounged, we went back to our respective apartments:


Mariah, Rootie, and I tangled ourselves up on the sofa to watch movies. We watched the first 20 minutes of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, until we realized they’d cut out all the naughty bits and really? That movie is all about Taye Diggs rather naked. So then we watched 40 Year Old Virgin, one of my all time favorite movies. How much do I love Steve Carrell? Just about enough that it hurts.

Finally, we went for a quiet dinner at a Turkish restaurant. We were tired from the night before and we had BIG PLANS for the next day. But dinner was lovely. Rootie had chicken fricassee and I had fish. That was my attempt at being healthy, which was foiled by the fact there was probably about a pound of butter whipped into the potatoes. Mmmmm. Butter.

DSC01415 DSC01416

After dinner we went back home to bed, for big things were afoot the next day! BIG THINGS! YAY!

4 thoughts on “New York! New York! Day 4”

  1. that breakfast really does look worthy of a long flight to NYC. 🙂

    ANd did you buy a poem? I'd be curious to see what he could come up with for you. 🙂

  2. Okay, that blow-in-the-nose technique is one of the weirdest stuffed nose fixers I've *ever* seen. Awesome belt, and looks like good food!

    Did you buy a poem?

  3. Kim: We DID get a poem, but I left it with Kristin. It was poem-like. 😉

    Jessica: I KNOW! I was belt-lucky this vacay. The gods of belts were shining on me.

    Alana: Yeah, it was SUPER freaky. But Kristin LOVES it apparently. I'll just leave it to her. 😉 The food was incredible all trip, and we DID buy a poem. But I left it with Sam and Kristin. ;-(

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