New York! New York! Day 3

For the rest of our stay in NYC, we stayed at the apartment of Kristin’s and Sam’s neighbors, who were so incredibly generous as to let us use their place while they were on vacation. But despite us being next door, Kristin was, as always, the ultimate hostess, and she knows how I needs my coffee in the morning:


Those aren’t all three for me, btw. Anyway, After breakfast, Mariah, Ruth and I went into Manhattan to sightsee…


First off, we met up with a friend of Mariah’s for lunch, Sabina. She’s an amazing singer (we listened to your music on Mariah’s iPod, lady, and it’s gorgeous!) and so much fun:


Sabina took us to a very delicious deli where we had pizza. I love NYC style pizza way better than Chicago. I know, I know, I should represent for my home state, but I actually prefer my pizza thin and crispy. And yes, that is a tower of brownie in the center. Mmmmmmm…..tower o’ brownie…..


After lunch, we went for a walk through central park. The ladies looked resplendent in dresses:


The day was gorgeous, if really, really hot. But it was great to be in the city!


While in the park, we walked a bit, then watched a softball game while Mariah explained the rules to Dr. Ruth. I am not so much into the sports. My version of most rules is “whack/throw/dodge the ball and try not to hit anyone else or get it in the face.” Anyway, Mariah came to Ruth’s rescue. After we watched softball we stopped at a cafe for some popsicles for the girls and an iced coffee por mi. Delicious!

After our little pick me up, we hopped in a cab to go to Hudson’s Bar and Books to meet up with Ron Hogan, editor of and about a million other things. Google him. He may run the world? I’m not sure if “leader of the Illuminati’s literary division” is necessarily accurate, but I think it’s a good metaphor for what Ron does. He picked Hudson’s, and it may be my heaven? The whisky list is OUTRAGEOUS and I had probably one of the most amazing manhattan’s in my life. And then I had another! Which explains why I’m REALLY REPETITIVE on the video Ron made of me talking about my cover, which will be posted on one of his numerous websites soon. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 Anyway, check out how cool this place was. Here’s Ron’s Tray o’ Pfaff….. they do things with STYLE at Hudson’s…


And here’s Ron lighting up his cigar…


Ron and I had a great chat about books and book stuff, and it was so much fun meeting him. He’s a great guy who seems to know pretty much everything about anything book related, so go check out all the great stuff he’s doing on the interwebs!

After drinkiepoos, we headed back to Sam and Kristin’s for….. more drinkiepoos! They were having a cocktail party which included a bunch of us from Edinburgh, a Norweigen pop group, other various friends, and my wonderful agent and her husband. It was so much fun! And Sam and Kristin are the most outrageous hostesses. Kristin made delicious tacos and guacamole for everyone, and Sam made all sorts of tempting beverages. Many hijinks ensued. Here’s some piccy’s…


Ruth is quite the artiste with that camera! I love this pic. And move over Rockettes!


I think Ruth genuinely is ready to take over the Follies. She’s so fierce! The party was awesome and went WAY late and there may be video that WON’T end up on YouTube. But I’m not a total tease… I will leave you with what are, perhaps, the cutest shoes I’ve seen in a while….. SO CUTE!


(Please ignore what I think is a big man toe, thanks!)

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