Two Things I Like: The Fall Snuggle-Bunny Edition

So I’m a bit of a snuggle bunny. I’m like one of those small dogs that makes fifteen tight little circles on a blanket, as if winding itself into the pinhole of snuggledom, until that perfect degree of cocoonicity is reached and I won’t have to move for HOURS. Meanwhile, the best time to do such snuggling is now, when it’s just getting cold, and blankies are suddenly once again our best friends.

The key to amazing snuggles, however, is the right entertainment. So I’m going to give you two things I like RIGHT NOW, that are fueling my snugglethons.

The first thing is the new Fox show, Sleepy Hollow. I admit, I went into this show ready to be horrified. It’s Fox. It’s a whole show set around a tiny short story that doesn’t have a lot of plot to it. Tim Burton already did it. And this show? Jesus. The pilot looks awful, involving time travel and cops.

And, indeed, the first ten minutes of the pilot were a bit bland. But then they cut off Clancy Brown’s head, causing me to shout from my cocoon “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE,” and I was hooked. Not least as the show proceeded to gleefully lose its damned mind, in the most entertaining way possible.

It’s insane. Although, I would also argue that Sleepy Hollow is urban fantasy at its best–a crazy melange of Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Lethal Weapon, and Supernatural. I love how racially diverse the cast is, and I’m obsessed with the sisters (the one sister has me rethinking every thing I thought I knew about eyebrow shaping). I love that it throws out references to Dante, Milton, Gilgamesh, and all these other staples of high culture, only to bend that high culture over a barrel and violate it.

Here’s a clip:

I watched three episodes in one night, and then the next two the following. And Can’t. Wait. For. More.

The other thing I’m currently obsessed with is something that’s not at all new, but I’m only now jumping on the Outlander bandwagon.

Like Sleepy Hollow, it’s about time travel, oftentimes doesn’t make any goddamned sense, and is RIVETING IN ITS CRAZY.

For those who don’t know the series, it’s about a woman who time travels back to the Highlands at the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie, marries a virgin ginger warrior named Jamie, and then proceeds to nearly get raped every ten pages, necessitating multiple rescues by her flame-haired swain. Who calls her Sassenach.

This book has about a million things I’ve NEVER liked in a series. It’s a historical and I’m not a huge fan. Time-travel books tend to make my inner geek twitch, especially time-travel romances as I want to yell OMG THEY MUST NEVER BATHE THAT’S NOT SEXY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT SUCK ON THAT IT HAS NEVER BEEN WASHED. I also loathe virgin heroes/heroines, as I like myself/my own swains deliciously corrupt.

But for whatever reason, I cannot get enough of Outlander.

Actually, watching Sleepy Hollow is giving me a hint as to why I love both of these series that could, quite easily, have veered immediately off the road into Shitbox Junction. It’s that both Outlander and Sleepy Hollow DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US, THE AUDIENCE. They never think, “does this make sense” or “is this too much.” Gabaldon and the Sleepy Hollow writers alike are all in your face, shouting, “GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING HAIR BITCHES SO I CAN PULL YOU ALONG WITH ME IF YOU SCREAM I’LL LIKE IT THIS IS FUN.” They just GO and fuck you if you want things like, oh, logic. Or continuity. Or the sense their grandma gave them.

Instead, they’re like, “Want to throw in the Loch Ness monster? WHY THE FUCK NOT?” or “Want to rewrite history so George Washington is some kind of demon hunter? LET’S DO THAT THEN.” or “Who should we have get his head chopped off first? CLANCY ‘THE KURGAN’ BROWN MOTHER FUCKERS.”

And I love it. Me and like a gajillion other people.

So my point here is REALLY that it might look like I’m curled up in a ball, purring like a cat and snuggling so hard it’s like my snuggling is all that stands between my fellow humans and the forces of chaos. But what I’m really doing is LEARNING.

Because I have some big news to tell y’all about SOON (it’s killing me I can’t tell you now) and it’s about TWO THINGS I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT BOTH MAKE WANT TO PEE A LITTLE (it’s trickling! Just writing this! Trickling!) but my point isn’t to torture you but to tell you:

I am LEARNING from Sleepy Hollow and Outlander.

I’m learning how to pull my audience by its hair and tell y’all you like it. To NEVER apologize, be it for violating our historical figures OR famously mythological monsters. And to assume you want to geek out, hard, on what I geek out on. Cuz I’m going there whether you like it or not. In other words, readers, this is a warning: If you don’t struggle, it won’t hurt! ACCEPT THE GEEKING.

Please don’t let my editors read this. xoxoxoxoxo

And do tell me, what are you geeking out on this fall? Just don’t say Agents of Shield. That show sucks some chode.

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24 thoughts on “Two Things I Like: The Fall Snuggle-Bunny Edition”

  1. Love, love, love… and agree 🙂 Sleepy Hollow keeps jumping the shark (join us on twitter #LosingOurHeadsoverSH) but Tim Minton, merow. Now you know I'm on the Outlander bandwagon and have been since the 90's… and now that we're getting a series, it's even better. Yes, there are liberties taken, but what I love about Dr. G (other than her insane sense of humor) is that she makes you want to learn more. How the hell else am I going to survive if I get sucked through standing stones to the 18th century? Geeze. Some people's kids, I swear. LoL. I agree totally- she's definitely a "I don't really care if I said George Washington was 6'5" when he was really 6'4. You deal with it." And I can't wait for your news!!! Many blessings for goodness!

  2. I'm totally geeking with you. Loving Sleepy Hollow and adore Outlander. I can't get enough of either, and am super excited for Outlander to be on TV! And I don't care if you grab my hair and pull me along with your craziness, because I will go willingly. Well, maybe I'll scream for fun.

  3. Ahhhh, the pleasure of surrender! I love Sleepy Hollow, not least because Tom Mison is so.freakin'.hot! And the Outlander series has been a favorite of mine since I finally submitted to a friend's demand that I "just try the damn thing already!" She was right, and this superfan is very happy to see that the first book is being filmed as a 16-episode series right. this. very. minute. It'll air on Starz in 2014 (2015?). Unsurprisingly, I also love Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Lethal Weapon, and Supernatural. (That last one is playing as I type this!)

    Best of luck on your new super-secret project. You'll let us know when the time is right, of course. (Right?)

  4. ALL OF THIS!!!
    Also I’m glad you admitted you don’t like agents of shield… I was so hyped to see it and I felt guilty for being disappointed and never being in the mood to watch it lol I feel liberated now! Haha

  5. How much do I love this post?? I have to watch Sleepy Hollow, I love that you're loving Outlander (soooo compellling!!) and you can drag me around by my hair any day of the week, because you're awesome!! (Even if youi re evil with this news bit that you won't tell.)

  6. It has nothing to do with TV or film, if that's what you're thinking. LOL You'd know if that happened by reports of an author in Pittsburgh having actually exploded.

  7. Aaaaaand you just keep proving over and over again why you're not only my favorite living author, but someone for whom I should buy many drinks. I Can. Not. Wait. To find out your big secret –(Pleaseohpleaseletitbeawhole'notherseriesintheworks!!!!!!) xoxo

  8. I got my mother hooked on the Gabaldon books a few years ago despite never having read them myself. And, I will admit, I have a perverse curiosity about Sleepy Hollow. It looks just bad enough to be awesome. I'll start watching it from my own cocoon here soon.

  9. Love your books, adore your outrageously hilarious blogs, I have not had time to watch Sleepy Hollow, but they are on my DVR and I think I am going to take your suggestion to Cocoon myself and watch all of them. My hubby thinks I am a little touched in the head, considering we live in San Diego and it's kinda warm outside :-). Huge Outlander fan and I am glad you on board the crazy train with us. can't wait for your reveal!

  10. I opened up my windows downstairs just so I could light my fire. LOL We need to take snuggling seriously, people. 😉 And thank you for the kind words. xo

  11. Blacklist has me completely geeked. I've had a mancrush on Spader since the 80s, but he just gets better with age. I love the way the show gets you thinking you have it all figured out and then they pull the rug out EVERY EFFING EPISODE!!! You'd think I see it coming by now. It's on tonight BTW! Gotta Run!

  12. Why do they not get the dude in Sleepy Hollow a new outfit?! Jeans from Wal Mart and a flannel-30 bucks? No one can spare 30 bucks?! He's been wearing that outfit for over a HUNDRED years!!! It's driving me batty. I dont know why but it just is..
    Beyond that i'm digging the show though

  13. I love Sleepy Hollow! And I started laughing like a crazy lady reading this blog! You are such a tease woman! Can’t wait for you to finally give us your news, in the mean time I’ll enjoy your teasing as much as when my boo walks in with his silk ties and feather in his hands. As for another show I’ve been obsessing with have to give it to The White Queen!

  14. I still need to check out Sleepy Hollow too. I did watch three episodes of Super Fun Night though. Rebel Wilson and cast crack me up. Just like your books! I started and finished I’m reading Tracking The Tempest currently. Love it.

  15. I totally agree. We wonder every week when he'll get some modern clothes. I think I'd still recognize him in a pair of jeans and a normal shirt.

  16. LOVE Sleepy Hollow!!! It is one of my new guilty pleasures. I'm such a geek for the fantasy all tied up in history. Or whatever version of history the show wants to use. It fills that weird void that was left when Fringe ended this past year. We also geek out to Once Upon A Time. 🙂

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