Ye Olde Updates!

Git yer updates here!

The past few weeks have been CRAZY. I settled into the new house, visited my moms in DC, released book six (from my pores!), and now I’m entertaining my parents here in Pittsburgh. It’s been GREAT!

And this weekend, believe it or not, I am going CAMPING. Yes, camping. My fellow author Lee McClain and I are headed to Blue Knob (Blue Knob!) to spend the weekend hiking, writing, and kvetching. It’s like a writers retreat, with more bugs! I’m super excited as I’m working on a few things I really need to knuckle down on, and getting away seems the perfect way to knuckle.

In the meantime, however, there are some fun things afoot! First off, book four, Eye of the Tempest, is finally available as an audiobook! Huzzah! You can find out more about it, here:


In other, VERY fun news, Jaye Wells has a new short story out, in a whole new, vampire dystopian world. Exciting! It looks amazing, so go buy it! 😉 Here’s the linkie-loo:

But now I have to go pick up my mom to go to the zoo. Later skaters!!! xoxo

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