Git yer updates here!

Hello folks,

Sorry I’ve been so MIA! My life has been crazier than normal, although in an awesome way. For once it’s not been all about work, and I’ve been living rather large lately. That said, the semester has started up again and I’m ready to press my nose, hard, against that grindstone.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy poking at various projects, or that things haven’t been happening.

For starters, Jane is coming out in Brazil! And they’ve gone with the original artwork, which I’m always happy to see. Here’s the Brazilian cover!

brazilian cover

So pretty! Although I always get this weird sense that I should be able to speak the language, if my book is in that language. Like I can somehow suck up the language through translation osmosis, or something. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. 😉


In other news, Carniepunk has a buy button and a new format! The anthology is so chockablock with awesome writers Pocket has decided to release it as a trade paperback. And right now it’s also on sale, so if you pre-order it you get it cheaper when it’s released.

I still lurve this cover!

Finally, after various people have subtly suggested that, while my constant photographing of deviled eggs is fascinating on a number of levels, they’d like a Nicole Peeler Author Page that is more about the books and less about my obsessions. And so I’ve created one for you, here. My “personal” page was originally created AS a fan page, however, so feel free to “friend” me, still. But be warned: there will be deviled eggs, poetry, and random tunes.

I promise to blog again soon. But in the meantime, bonne chance mes amis!

(I have also been taking a French class. 🙂 )

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