So Much ME!

Here’s some more me, y’all! Plump and perky as ever. I should come with a whipped topping. (Yes, I’m still feeling a bit crazed from lack of sleep)

First off, we have an awesome video I did for RT and the FABULOUS Morgan. She’s the best interviewer EVER, although you can get a sense of how terrified she is of what I’ll say next. Which I think we both agree is part of the fun!

The best part of this video is my friend’s head popping up right at the beginning then realizing he’s on camera and bolting. I nearly peed myself when I saw that.

You can also see the panel I did! I didn’t really get into stride until after I’d already blathered a bit. It was my first NYCC and I was in total con shock, and of course was almost late to the panel. New York makes me late, all the time, which throws off my midwestern promptness and leaves me all vaklempt. Anyway, here’s the link, but I warn you it’s looooooong! There are also much more fabulous, famous people than me on this bad boy, such as Kevin Hearne, Faith Hunter, F. Paul Wilson and others. So you can always just ignore me and bask in their glory. That’s sort of what I did when I was there!

So that’s probably more me than any of you ever wanted to see. But it was fun! And hopefully I’ll have recovered from all that fun by Monday . . . . . . . now it’s time to sleep. At 8 pm. Don’t judge!

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