Happy Halloween!

Hey folks!

I’m pretty sure I have a trapped audience, what with Sandy coming in strong on the East Coast. Stay safe, all my peeps out there, and if you still have internet access I hope this cheers you up.

For everyone else, enjoy your Halloween! With the storms, I know that a lot of places have pushed trick or treating back till Saturday, which means we basically have a whole week to revel. So take advantage! It’s the best holiday EVER (after Thanksgiving) as it’s all about dressing up, letting out your inner wild thang, and eating candy. What’s not to lurve????

And if you ask me “trick or treat,” here’s what I’ll give you:

Hehehehe!!! Stay safe and dry and hope your pumpkins don’t float away!!!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Yeah…. I just had to get an account for myself. I put me, my honey, my cat and the crypt keeper in mine LOL.

  2. I can't see the video, but OH MY GOD you met Dame Edna!!! (I'm not on Facebook so haven't seen that pic before.) Possum, do tell!! 🙂

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