Updates and Arisia Schedule!

Hello my pretties!

I hope all of you are doing well. It’s been crazy busy here at Casa Peeler, and I’m only halfway through the insanity. Last week we had our MFA residency, which is always an enormous amount of fun, if a lot of work. But to make it even better, we had as guest speakers my good friends Juliet Blackwell, Sophie Littlefield, and Rachael Herron. They stayed with me, and it was so good to see them. Besides being awesome house guests, they were also inspiring, insightful speakers who spoke on two very difficult, and different, subjects: revisions and gender in publishing.

I hated to see them go, but I’ve not got too much time to mourn, as I’m off for Boston and Arisia 2012 in a few hours! I’m very excited to be in Boston again after a few years, as I still have loads of friends there (I did my undergrad at Boston University).

So without further ado (and because I gotta get to steppin’), here’s my Arisia schedule:

Saturday the 14th

11:30 AM

Autograph—Hunt & Peeler — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Walter Hunt and Nicole Peeler.
Walter Hunt, Nicole Peeler

Sunday the 15th

10:00 AM

Humor in Writing — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
As the saying goes, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” Why is writing humor so difficult? How much is too much or too little? How are different styles of humor conveyed through the writing?
Greg R. Fishbone, Esther Friesner, Toni L.P. Kelner, Barry B. Longyear (m), Nicole Peeler

5:30 PM

Creating and Maintaining Your Public Persona — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
You’re a known writer with a few published credits, and you’re starting to get some recognition. How much of what you say elsewhere (on Facebook, in web forums, or on your blog) becomes part of your image? And how can you shape that image in the best possible light?
Randee Dawn, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Maddy Myers, Nicole Peeler, KT Pinto

7:00 PM

Reading:D’Entremont, Kingsgrave-Ernstein& Peeler — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Michele D’Entremont, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, and Nicole Peeler read selections from their works.
Michelle d’Entremont, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Nicole Peeler

It’ll be great to be back in Boston, and I’d love to see some of you at the panels. The conference is quite reasonable for day passes, and most of my stuff is Sunday, so that’s rather handy. Here’s a link to day pass information.

Well, that’s me for the next week! I’ve also going to be doing quite a bit of work for next semester while I’m at the hotel, but I know I’ll be ready. I always am, by hook or by crook. 😉 So see you next week, or at Arisia!

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