I’m having a problem. I don’t know what to wear to Bouchercon.

I’m only there for two days, basically, and it’s going to be intense! I have to keep up with Juliet Blackwell and Sophie Littletfield. I have to do a signing with a stranger. Not to mention, I’ll be hanging out with two of the hottest, smartest, hottest men on the planet, my friends from Chicago, Ervin and Gary. One of them might be who Anyan’s sorta kinda based on. So we’re talking hot broads, hot dudes, and my disheveled ass! Woe is me!

Mama needs to look less like she rolled out of teaching Basic Comp and more like she’s ready for a little RAWR. But I’m also lazy and I have to take a carry on. 😉

So I’ve taken pictures of four options, and I want you to vote on your TWO MOST FAVORITE. One I’ll wear Friday, one I’ll wear Saturday. Sunday I’m traveling so I’ll look like a hobo, as usual.

Here are your choices! Keep in mind I’m horribly unphotogenic and also not a proper photographer. Furthermore, these will not be worn with leggings, but tights. This fact is important for choice B.

Choice A. It’s a new purple number that may make me look like the purple people eater. But I like it with the silver belt!

Choice B. Right now this bad boy makes me look a bit preggers. BUT keep in mind I’ll be wearing tights, not leggings, for the real deal (it was too hot to wedge myself into anything other than leggings). I also blame the lighting. And not my big fat belleh. *rubs it, soothingly*

Choice C. This is one of my faves. You can’t see it in this lighting, really, but it’s a lovely navy blue. It’s also super comfy, and has fun frills down the front.

Finally, Choice D. One of my fave little black dresses. You’ve seen it before, but it’s that dress.

Have yer vote! Please, only pick two! Or I’ll have to wear one on each thigh.

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21 thoughts on “Halp!”

  1. Okay, I had to pick. ;D I really like A. I like the cut around your neck on that one. Oh, the other 3 are wonderful too. But something about the neck style and arms. I just like it more. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks everyone! I like polls! LOL And I installed polldaddy myself! Tech-wizardry, here I come . . .

  3. I really love the purple! I think it is very flattering especially the plunge neckline makes the girls look awesome and balances everything out! I think you need to own the purple one is lots of colors (and yes I'm the type of person that buys something in many different colors).

  4. How much room do you have in this carry on? I vote to take A, C and D. That way you have old faithful to fall back on if your confidence in one of the outfits wavers. I always take a spare!

  5. I picked A and C because:

    1. Though black is a classic, you need to be visible through the crowds for your stampeding hordes of fans to find you. 🙂

    2. If someone should want to film an interview with you B might do all sorts of funky things on camera. (I do love if for real life, though).


  6. I picked C and D, you look a lot more confident, and you always look a hell of a lot sexier in your favorite cloths than when you're playing dress up 🙂 that's just my two cents 😀

  7. I voted for A and C, too. Have an AMAZING time at Bouchercon — so amazing that you'll return next year and we can hang out!

  8. I think you look good in purple. A and C get my vote. I've heard of Bouchercon but never been there. Have a great time!

  9. I liked C and D best! Plus you said they were your faves, and that they were comfy and whatnot! That's what matters! You look super nice and are comfy! Win-win! Plus I did like the outfits best!

    So can't wait to see what you chose for Saturday!! Where were we supposed to meet again? At the bar?? Can't wait!!! 😀

  10. I also chose A and C. You look great in the purple and comfy clothes are always a plus. And I think you are very photogenic. 😀 I love your face in the first pic btw!

  11. I think you look fab in A. And also, all these commenters are missing the really important thing: Anyan is based on a real dude????? Wowww. Nicole so lucky, me so officially non-coherent.

    Have loads of fun!!

  12. I think they are all lovely. I especially love A, with the silver belt. Quick question, though – are you planning on wearing black tights under it? Is it long enough (by this, I mean, does it cover all the important bits when you sit down and stand up, when you reach over your head, etc) to wear without tights, or maybe skin colored tights? I feel like that might show off the dress better.

  13. They're all great, but I'm going with C. A girl just needs some frills every once in a while 🙂

    Umm, would it be too much to ask that you surreptitiously take a photo of the may-or-may-not-be-the-person-Anyan-is-based-on-dude and even more surreptitiously post it to your site??

  14. Thanks everyone! Packed in my suitcase are the purple and the navy dresses. 😉

    I also just realized that my other friend could totally be Ryu. So maybe I can get them to pose as Anyan and Ryu. I think they'll find it delightfully weird.

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