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Hello my muffins. How are you?

I am very well, if tired. After an epic week combining our first days back at teaching, my beating my revisions for Tempest’s Fury into some semblance of readiness, and probably the most social engagements I’ve ever had in Pennsylvania, I’m feeling rather groggy, but great.

Actually, I just feel great. There’s nothing like sauntering through a deadline that makes me feel obnoxiously smug. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I thought I’d celebrate by sharing with a few things I like. The first up is from Ida Maria’s summer release, Katla. It’s an adorable, very funny song:

Another thing I thought I’d share was a recent purchase I’d made, that I really like. It’s Benefit’s Smokin’ Eyes Palette. I was playing with it on Twitter a few days ago:

I would also like to acknowledge my excitement that, according to Elle, this fall’s fashion trends involve Victoriana, Mod knock offs, AND leather biker wear.

So basically it’s everything I like, and I plan on dressing like a Victorian biker with horn rimmed glasses EVERY DAY.

A more disturbing fashion trend is that they’ve brought back the poncho AND the cape. For a short girl like me, that means I will spend the winter constantly tempted to appear in public as some sort ofร‚ย  midget troll doll come to life.

So there are some fun things for Fall. Anything you’ve recently discovered/are excited about?

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  1. OMG I have that Benefit pallet. Makes a smokey eye easy for makeup challenged individuals like myself. I love it so much. Next time we go on tour we can having matching eyes AND mustaches. HAWT.

  2. I just have to put in a word here for the Benefit creme eye shadows. If you ever need a creme eye shadow Benefit's are the very best. There colors are sadly limited now and they all have shimmer which doesn't make me thrilled. But it is still the very best recipe on the market. No creases. At all. It's mindblowing.

  3. Umm, how about Eye of the Tempest as my Fall discovery? Fine, I guess it’s not technically Fall yet. But I did get roped into buying Guerlain powder & bronzer by a pushy saleswoman for my wedding a few weeks ago. Holy crap is that stuff ever worth the hundred or so bucks I paid for it. Great for girls with reddish-skin who really don’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup.

  4. I’m short, like shorter than my own mother short (that’s not supposed to happen and my uncle blames 3-mile island), but I love capes. I just make sure that they, also, are short. I have a gray one I bought two years ago that goes with everything. The trick is to wear absolutely nothing else voluminous with it. Even the hair stays flat on days I sport it.

    I’m also excited about all the burgundy stuff I’m seeing. Because I picked up a plum colored (the label said Damson) trench and wingtips in London. Come fall, I’ll be rocking (or people will be mocking) a mod-geek retro look.

    And I have a beautiful NARS dark rose, taupe eyeshadow set. All of this is a trick to distract me from the fact that summer, my favorite season, is dying.

  5. Miss Bliss: I feel the same way about Chanel’s. There are so few that don’t go wonky with the creases, that finding a good one is like heaven. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Sara O: Another great rec, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Especially re: Eye. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Shizuka: Good point! It’s just so hard to find short things. Short people have no friends, as my (short) mom always says to me (her short daughter). ๐Ÿ˜‰ The trench and wingtips sound AMAZING, btw!

  6. Ok, have you tried Benefits Lip ? It's simple but absolutely essential for amazingly smooth and sexy lips, and a great primer for lipstick!! I think they've stopped making it over here in the UK, but when mine runs out i'll surely be checking the US websites – Why does America have all the good stuff???

    Also, Eye of the Tempest – I had to get it shipped from the US (Nicole, tell me why authors make us English people suffer and wait much longer than you for book releases??), but I'm more than sure it's gonna be a fabulous follow up!! Nicole, I have read many many good paranormal romance books, but yours I can honestly say is by far my favourite. Your writing style and humour is fantastic, the characters are so very believable and relatable to (Jane could be your best friend or neighbour!), and you have made me fantasise over a godamn dogman!??!!??! That's not good when I own dogs and find myself wishing they'd turn into a 6ft hunk :s

  7. Sorry didn't write the name properly, it's Benefit's Lipscription – A lip exfoliator & a balm. The exfoliator is awesome!

  8. @Jenny, I can confirm Eye is a fabulous follow up!

    For some bizarre reason, I was nervous to read it. I think I had such high expectations from Tempest's Legacy that I wasn't sure it was humanly possible to live up to it, but it was awesome. Nicole is a master at giving the reader *just enough* while keeping the story fast-paced and excited.

    The book was released on a holiday in Canada so none of the bookstores actually stocked it on the front shelves on release day. I made the bookstore person hunt it down from the boxes in the back room. I probably made an enemy that day but it was worth it. I guess it's not as bad as having to ship it across continents, though ๐Ÿ™‚

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