4 thoughts on “Romantic Times Love Fest with Rachael Herron”

  1. Bummer! My sound isn't working right now. I'll add it to my YouTube faves and watch it as soon as I my shiny new sound card arrives. Big promise! Both of you look great in the video, though!

  2. Is it a little off kilter that I'm now imagining sex and knitting needles. That could be very….interesting [and dangerous…sounds like fun!]

    Also, I do think that one of the things that makes Jane such a loveable character is learning things right along with her. That she goes through what she goes through to make her stronger and you can see it in everything she does and feels. So, when she kicks ass, it's believable. All those who've been with her from the beginning feel it in their bones that she can do that and more!

    Okay, I'm done rambling….GO JANE!


    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  3. Tegan: Thanks! We were unintentional twins!

    Toni: Hahaha, thanks! We might also have been slightly tipsy after lunch. 😉

    Jen: Apparently, sex and knitting needles go together like other proverbial things that go together. 😉 And thank you! Those are such sweet comments! I love how the people who love Jane understand her!

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