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Hello lovelies!

I’m updating you from a hotel room in Baton Rouge. Snark-La-Tex has been a BLAST. Seriously, it could not have gone better. We had fun turnouts in awesome bookstores, and we’ve had so much fun together. Everyone’s asked, “Have you killed each other yet?”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve had an awesome time, laughing our way through everything.

There has been a lot of eating, a lot of snarking, a ridiculous amount of swearing, and a tattoo. Whose? Where? You’ll just have to wait if you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter. 😉

I’ll blog the whole tour soon enough, when it’s over. Tonight we have our last signing in Shreveport, at the Barnes &  Noble on Youree, at 7pm. Be there or be square.

But now I’ve got a special treat for you, a guest post from Kat Richardson who has done a very cool walking audio tour for her books. Kat’s books are set in Seattle, so if you’re a visiting fan these tours have to be a must-do on your list!

Here’s Kat!

Playing Tourist in Harper Blaine’s Neighborhood

Nikki, being the fab human that she is, asked if I’d say something about the walking tour I put together recently for YodioTours.com. Well, OK, because I’m always one to toot my own horn if someone is fool enough to ask.

Which is kind of how the whole thing started—Clay Loges asked me if I’d like to make a tour based on my Greywalker books for his new service and since it was a chance to get some more exposure in a new way, I said “sure!” Clay had been referred to me by the staff at Seattle Mystery Bookshop who are the best book-pimps money can’t buy. I just love those guys.

So I walked around, took photos, wrote the script, edited the script with Clay’s help and then recorded the audio once we’d got all the photos and the script set to our satisfaction. It was fun to take a look around the neighborhood again since it had been a while since I’d spent much time in Pioneer Square. The books had started out there, but the later ones had often gone out on vacation to other parts of town or even other towns and I’d almost forgotten some of the things that had made me love the historic district to begin with. So I guess I’m back in love with my character’s old stomping grounds. It’s nice when a new project reminds you how much you loved the old ones.

If you want to take a look, the tour is up at YodioTours.com (http://www.yodiotours.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=35&Itemid=164) and you can view it online or download it to your phone and follow along, when you visit Seattle.

Thanks to Nikki for letting my squat in her blog like this—she’s the best!

I AM the best, Kat. 😉 But seriously, thanks for posting and this walking tour is such a great idea. In fact, I’m so psyched about this idea that if you comment about which other series of books you’d think would make a great walking tour, and why, I’ll enter you into a contest to win the book of your choice from Kat’s Greywalker series. Sound good? So comment on this blog post, and if you win then you can pick any of Kat’s Greywalker books and I’ll have it Amazoned to you. 😉 If you’ve never tried this series, I think you’ll love it. I’ll draw the winner next Friday, May 27th.

So comment away and thanks for blogging, Kat! I’ll blog myself soon about the tour (the tats and the plans for Poonstache 2012). But if you miss me that much, you can finally see my debut post at Pens Fatales, on carpeing your diems. 😉

See all you Shreveporters shortly!

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9 thoughts on “Update and Guest Blog from KAT RICHARDSON!”

  1. Butcher's Harry Dresden books in Chicago, The Darkhunter series core area of the French Quarter by Kenyon, Zodiac series by Pettersson in Vegas, Terri Garey's Nicki Styx books, in Savannah & its environs….I'm pretty sure I could keep going…LOL But all of these books, in addition to having great stories, take you with them, to their locations, and have leading characters you'd want to wander with….so I think they'd all make great walking tour books, too. 😀 Cool idea! Thanks!

  2. I'd really love a tour of the Sirantha Jax settings, but since they're in space… 🙂

    I think a walking tour of the locations in Kerri Arthur's Riley Jensen series would be cool. I mean, who wouldn't want a walking tour in Melbourne, Australia!

  3. I was going to say Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series would make a great walking tour, and looked up and saw that Shea already said that. But I do think that a walking tour of Melbourne and other parts of Australia would be awesome. I think Jane True's part of Maine and Boston might be fun too. Not sucking up or anything 😀

  4. Maybe a driving tour of the Sookie Stackhouse series? (Note I didn't say the True Blood series.) I don't think the various settings are close enough to each other to allow for a walking tour.

    Also, I love Kat Richardson's Greywalker series! I'm just missing the latest book…. hint, hint!

  5. I would love a walking tour of Vicki Pettersson's Zodiac series that takes place in Las Vegas. Another walking tour I would like to see is one of San Fransisco where a few of Christopher Moore's books take place.

  6. I'd love to do a walking/driving tour of the Harry Potter series. Never been overseas and this would be fun i think.

  7. A walking tour in Dublin for Karen Marie Moning's Fever series would be so awesome! If only I could visit Dublin.

  8. I live close to Cincinnati, and I'd love to do a walking tour for Kim Harrison's Hollows series.

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