Today’s American Literature Day! And a Weiner!

Okay, so it’s really Valentine’s Day. But I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day teaching my American Literature night class. I’m sure my students are THRILLED about that. Meanwhile, I’m fine about teaching tonight, as once again I’d be spending Valentine’s Day alone. Let’s all hear a collective “awwwww” for Dr. Peeler.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s day anyway: corporate, too busy, we should be loving ALL year, etc. But the holiday does still serve as a little lemon juice in the papercut that is my completely stalled love life. So, in return,  I’m going to give it a big middle finger. Who’s with me?

The above image is actually from a doggie shirt, which you can see if you click on the heart. So even your pets can hate Valentine’s Day!

Next I’m linking you to a song. It’s my ultimate non-love love song. It’s Debauchery, which I talk about in Tempest Rising. It’s about a couple who meet on a ferry and go have very drunken sex. I adore it on a number of levels. Unfortunately, all I could find was this single link to the full, real song (which I think stops being for the full song after you listen once).

David Grey’s Debauchery

Finally, before I give you your contest weiner for Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, I’ve got the ultimate anti-love novel ever written. If you don’t read this and immediately want to move to a cave alone somewhere, where you’ll never again have to deal with the cruelties of society . . . Well, you’re a more optimistic person than should be allowed.  It’s Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight:

So if you want to have a stonking great depressing Valentine’s Day, dress your dog in that t-shirt, put on “Debauchery,” and read Rhys. You’ll want to push your love life out the window in about ten minutes. OR teach American Literature 1915 Onwards to a roomful of people who want to stab you as they’re young and fresh and deplorably un-cynical and consequently DO have significant others.

One person who I’m hoping has a slightly better Valentine’s Day because of this post is the weiner of the contest for Andrew Shaffer’s Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love. The contest can has spoken, and the weiner is BECKY LEJEUNE! Email me at iheartselkies(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize.

So all y’all who are in love . . . have a good Valentine’s day for the rest of us. For those of you who are alone tonight, do NOT watch Prince of Persia. I did last night, and it was terrible.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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13 thoughts on “Today’s American Literature Day! And a Weiner!”

  1. Congrats to Becky!


    Thanks for saving me from Price of Persia. I have been tempted to watch it the last several weeks but your tweets have saved me and the temptation is gone. Perhaps I shall try a few Murder She Wrotes! My daughter used to watch that show religiously when she was in high school.

    And remember, it is better to be alone on Valentine's Day than to be stuck with a real a$$hole! Single ladies: Power Activate!!

  2. Nicole, I am with you and a big JUST SAY NO to Valentines Day. Heres to the single girls. cheers honey.

  3. Becky: You're welcome!

    Jann: It's SO BAD. I mean, I knew it was supposed to be bad, but it's SO bad. I'd stick with Murder She Wrote. Which is all bad, but delightfully so. 😉

    Elie: Cheers back, girl! 😉

    Izzy: You can watch Murder She Wrote, too. Then we can all be with Jessica!

    Juliet: Oh hell yes. LOL I need some major trouble!

  4. Good call on Prince of Persia – I saw it at the cinema in the summer since my boy is a fan of the game and it wasn't particularly good. I spent V-day teaching Mansfield and attending an evening lecture on Joyce and early cinema. Oh, and I will be teaching Good Morning Midnight in a few weeks…

  5. Hey, I'm with you on the Valentine's day thing. It's a gimmik to make money. We don't do the Vday thing at all.

    Oh, we watched Prince of Persia and didn't think it was to terrible. But we were watching from the kids view point with our son. I wasn't completely taken by it, but thought it was cute for a quick movie with the kid. But as an adult, not really one I would pick for us. 😉

  6. I can see a kid digging it . . . it's VERY shiny. But as an adult who DID pick it ……… yeah. No. 😉

  7. Hey Nicole, don't feel bad about picking it. We all agreed to watch it. And it sounded really interesting, but after seeing it. Well, can I take that back now? 😉 Oh well. Now off to find a really good movie.

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