Finally! Contest Wieners!

I’ve been HORRIBLY neglectful of this blog this past week. I got back from the UK sick as a dog–I swear I had Ebola, but everyone says it was just a cold. Or the wages of sin. Anyway, I was frantically getting ready for the spring semester whilst trying not to cough up a lung, and it was all very miserable.

So I owe you not only a blog post (or six) but, more importantly, I must announce the CONTEST WIENERS! For there were two contests running on my site, about which you have been very, very patient.

Contest #1 was a pimpage contest, run here. The winner of this contest can pick any TWO items from the following list:

  • The MMPB of Road Trip (The comic won’t be out forever, and by then you’ll have forgotten me *sniffles*)
  • Either the Torchwood issue with “Hell House,” OR any of the Harker comics on the Ariel site
  • Flip This Zombie
  • Secrets of the Demon
  • Boondocks Fantasy
  • If Walls Could Talk
  • Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love
  • Any of my 3 books (Tempest Rising, Tracking the Tempest, or Tempest’s Legacy)

Let me shake my contest can!

The contest can has spoken! The wiener of the above contest is ………. MICHELLE RED BEAR! Email me your 2 choices, Michelle, at iheartselkies(at)gmail(dot)com, and I’ll send off your choices! Congratulations!

The second contest was blogged about here, and it has a mondo special prize pack. Here’s what the lucky wiener receives:

1 UK Edition Tempest Rising
1 UK Edition Tracking the Tempest
1 MP3 CD or 1 regular CD of Tempest Rising (your choice)
1 MP3 CD or 1 regular CD of Tempest’s Legacy (your choice)
1 $25 dollar gift card from Barnes and Noble (or equivalent monetary equivalent, on your country’s Amazon)

Once again the contest can gets a shaking!

And the wiener of the above prize pack is IZZYBELLA! Congratulations, lady! Email me your address at iheartselkies(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send it off.

Thanks to everyone who played along! I loved all the supportive comments, and am so happy to have had so many people come on over to my site. I hope that those of you who didn’t win can still get your hands on a copy of Jane True’s adventures.

This Friday I’ll be talking about a very fun book sent to me recently, and that discussion will also have a contest attached. So come by Friday to see what’s going! 😉

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