Updates and Some Book Recs for the Holidays!

First of all, sorry I was a bit MIA over the holidays. Went to Chicago, ate like a pig, got a bit of a stomach bug–the usual holiday madness.

But I’m back, and l I have some fun things to report!

First off, Publisher’s Weekly liked Jane’s latest adventures in Tempest’s Legacy, which is always great to hear. PW writes, “Jane is sure to endear herself to new readers with her charm, sass, and vulnerability, while longtime fans will be thrilled by her magical and emotional growth.” Yay!

Secondly, I’ve foisted myself onto a few more conventions! My appearances page is updated with such additions as August appearances at RomCon, in Denver, and Authors After Dark, in Philadelphia. I’m also doing another appearance in Lancaster, in January. Fun!

I’ve also got a little blog post up on Strange Candy’s Jen Rardin tribute, that is attached to a contest. Tracking The Tempest is also up for “Most Unique Cover,” at All Things Urban Fantasy, along with a slew of other Orbit covers. Personally, I’m digging the cover next to mine on the contest, the red and black one. Hot! But you can go there to vote on your favorite cover, and there’s some really fun stuff to pick from.

Finally, I’ve just learned that Tracking the Tempest has sold in Germany. Tempest Rising, translated as Nachtsturme (!!) will be coming out there this month. So hopefully we’ll have another marvelously accurate cover like this one, soon:

In other news, I have finally been able to read again. And I finally read two of My Favorite Ladies’s books, Juliet Blackwell’s and Sophie Littleton’s. I had high hopes for these novels, as I already have HUGE girl crushes on both of their authors. But I wasn’t just happy with their work, I was blown away. They’re writing completely different mysteries, but in equally entertaining ways.

Let’s start with Juliet… Here are her bookie-wooks that I’ve just read….

, the first in the series, and the second,

These books are adorable! Take them with you on holiday; they ache to be read on a beach, or curled up with on your couch in front of the fire. I love the heroine, and I love that these are all about the paranormal elements but are still definitely mysteries. Cross-genre hybrids are all the rage right now, and these books prove why dipping into other genres injects such life into established tropes. Who knew that the cozy mystery would lend itself so well to magic, or witch-politics?

Next we have Sophie. I read this one in one night:

only to begin motoring through:

These books are amazing. Gritty, hilarious, and genuinely scary at times, I loved them. They’re as “real” as novels can get, in the sense that there’s no magic, supernatural creatures, or the like. And, to be honest, I was a bit nervous starting them as I only ever seem to read things with elves, or their equivalent, nowadays. But I adored these books, and can’t recommend them highly enough. They’re totally different from Juliet’s, but equally as refreshing, exciting, and fun.

So my girl crushes have ponied up, big time. Now I just have to read Rachael Herron’s book–you’re next on the list, girlie!–and my Triumvirate Of Female Awesomeness will be complete.

And to think I got to eat prime rib with these women??? I’m a lucky gal.

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  1. Oh I just read Juliet's books this summer and LOVED them too! I like a good mystery with some supernatural elements to it. And the little bit of humor and snark thrown into the mix as well! Sort of reminded me of Victoria Laurie's mysteries which do the same thing! Love em and can't wait for book 3!!

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