Jane True Ãœber Alles!

First of all, let me crow to the winds that I’ve just sent Book Four, Eye of the Tempest, off to my editrix! I always have stuff to do to them at this stage, so it’s not done. But it’s a HUGE first step. And, again, I’d like to thank my AMAZING beta readers (Christie Ko, James Clawson, and Mary Lois White), along with my critique partner, the lovely Diana Rowland, for giving me great ideas for revisions on this round. The book is 100% stronger now than it was when they received it the first time, and that’s all because of their great insights and suggestions. I have the best friends EVAH.

And speaking of cool friends, check this out! Sophie Littlefield, about whom I blogged last week, was named as one of 2010s Most Notable crime authors by the New York Times! Here’s the link! I’m so excited for her, I could spit. I’m so lucky to have such talented people in my life, especially when they’re also awesome human beings who enjoy meat from zeppelins!

I’m also lucky to have my books out in Germany! You can read my excellent German (I am so fluent!) here. There’s a “search inside” sort of deal like they have on Amazon, that allows you to flip through the first forty pages. I’ve also got an interview with Darkstar up in English and in German. Isn’t my German amazing?

And I warned you that I’d probably have another REALLY ACCURATE German cover for the sequel, and I was not disappointed. For Splash 2, I mean, Tracking the Tempest, we have the following:

While this appears to be a book about how Mermaid-Barbie kidnaps and tortures Santa’s favorite reindeer, it’s actually Tracking the Tempest. Okay, they are beautiful covers, and I’m very grateful to be published in Germany. But if you picked this up expecting some Little Mermaid-esque shenanigans, don’t blame me!

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10 thoughts on “Jane True Ãœber Alles!”

  1. Hi Nicole 😉

    Congratulations on sending the novel off.

    I like the German cover – but I still like the art of your US covers.


    Thanks for sharing,

    All the best,


  2. Ummmm, she's kinda BLONDE on the German cover LOLOLOL. I mean it's hot and all… but What what what?!

    I can't WAIT for Eye of the Tempest!!! m/m/ I got to read Tempest's Legacy last week and now I'm dying to find out what happens next!

    Thanks for Jane True – she is awesomeness.

  3. The cover may be beautiful but unfortunately is couldn't be less Jane True like.

    My mom got "Nachtstürme" this week and I already warned her that it's not about mermaids. But she's used to German covers by Heyne that are not fitting so she wasn't suprised about it 🙂

  4. Sure we have – its "Robbe" or "Seehund". We know even the word Selkie, but I believe they are not as known as Mermaids.


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