Reading and a Contest!

Hey folks! Here’s a little vloggie-woggie I did–a second reading from Tempest’s Legacy. But not just from ANY Tempest’s Legacy . . . from the REAL Tempest’s Legacy! For I came home today to a beautiful big box of bouncing baby bookies. They made my day, and they’re gorgeous.

So I’ve vlogged that promised second reading, and I’ve included a last minute, seat-of-my-pants contest. Details are in the vlog. Comment on the appropriate subject (once I get around to figuring it out on the vlog), and comment to this point. I’ll pick a winner for the contest Saturday, the 18th, 2010, at noon E.T.

Here’s your vlog! Contest deets are at the end…because it was entirely spur of the moment and born of LOVE.

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  1. Hello, Nicole

    The bed I think is the sexiest is an old-fashioned four poster – with curtains, so you and whoever is lucky enough to share the bed with you are in your own space, a world within a world . . .

    as Donne says -'This bed thy centre is, these walls, thy sphere.'

    and Carol Ann Duffy says

    'The bed we loved in was a spinning world

    of forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas

    where we would dive for pearls'

    Imagine that . . .!

  2. (not an entry)

    Nicole, I just want to say I luv Ya! You deserve all the glory and none of the grief. Keep your chin up- single life isn't so bad.

  3. Something funny: Cats!

    My sexiest bed (to me) is round with black and red silk sheets and pillows.

  4. Hey Nic,

    Loved the reading. I'm so hyped up for Tempest Legacy now you have no idea!

    You're really naughty with the competition, getting us to tell you about our sexiest bed haha. But I want that copy of Tempest Rising so bad I'm going to divulge 🙂

    So….sexiest bed. I can do sexist bed "scenario"….

    Like Jane, I love to swim and I'm a big "water baby" so my fantasy sexy bed would have too incorporate that in some way…..Encased in a glass dome under the sea, shallow enough to see the night sky and the bright full moon above the water. Teal green silk sheets line the sandy floor of the ocean under the dome and dark blue silk pillows are scattered around the edges. The reflection of the moonlight through the water hits the dome sends ripples of dancing light over the silk sheets. All the happiness of sleeping underwater but being able to breathe. It's peaceful and sensual and incredibly romantic. It's not a bed, per-say, but it would be my ideal place to sleep.

    Can't wait for Tempest Legacy, hope I win 😉 and enjoy your day Nicole. Keep up the amazing work xx

  5. Hmmm my sexy dream bed… Of course it’s a king size and its four poster canopy wrought iron with a ginormous intricately detailed headboard. It’s elevated on a rectangle platform that is up against the center of the biggest wall in the bedroom (because I love symmetry). And there are 3 steps leading to overwhelmingly large bed. The steps are covered in black carpet. The flooring that surrounds the platform is a beautiful dark hard wood. The bed is obviously the center piece of the bedroom because of its extravagance! To the right of the bed there are huge French doors leading to a terrace that overlooks a stunning view of mountains and valleys. The beds canopy material is not heavy; it's light as we want to be able to see the bed and all of its glory. It's champagne colored chiffon that blows beautifully in the wind. There are wrought iron scones on each side on the bed (again I love symmetry) (of course there is distance between the scones, bed, and fabric; we don't want to start a house fire) holding magnificent lavender scented candles. Across the bed there is a gorgeous fire place topped with a simple yet eye catching mantle which is spilling over with white candles. I wish I could say that I would use satin sheets but have you EVER BEEN ON SATIN SHEETs!?!?!?!? I slid right off!! By the time I woke up in the morning all of my pillows had slid off to the floor and everything! And let me tell you, trying to do the sexy on satin is not the sexy and sure isn’t the easiest task in the world as you are holding on for your dear life because you’re afraid of falling off the bed…so sorry satin you’re out! So, instead we are going to go with an Egyptian cotton 800 thread count sateen sheet in a luxurious deep purple. Climbing into the bed you can tell that the bed is not fresh, the comforter is strewn across and the pillows are arranged chaotically. Pulling the soft comforter around you and engulfing yourself in the smell of the man you love is simply what makes the bed orgasmic. It looks like Mary and I think alike! Lol!

  6. You guys rock! Sexy answers! Rawr!

    And thanks, Elie. I know it's not, and I'd much rather be single than with the wrong person. 😉 Life's too short for such nonsense.

  7. Stay strong!!

    On the contest you asked firstly for something funny.

    So on that note…

    What did the snowman say when he woke up Christmas morning and found coal in his stocking?

    Give up?

    "I can see, I can see!!"


    Okay and you also asked for our dream bed…

    One writhing in naked cover models… who cannot speak. Tragic. Poor boys. But I am here to comfort them…


    Thanks for writing such awesome books!!

  8. Dang it. I wrote out a big ol' description and iPhone froze when I tried to post it. *sigh* 

    In a nutshell: CalKing, fluffy, natural fabrics & colors, comfy pillows & gauzy (romantic?) curtains, sexy man waiting to do whatever I want…


  9. I guess a sexy bed to me is a large four-poster canopy bed in the medieval style with heavy tapestry cloth hangings on the sides, so you can close them up and be in your own little cocoon with your love interest. It would have Egyptian cotton sheets and a heavy velvet comforter. I guess I'm thinking warmth because I'm cold right now, LOL.

  10. Something funny? Hmmm. I teach pre-school and we have an open bathroom in the classroom. One of the boys, 3 years old, was peeing and a 2 year old girl was watching. All of a sudden she exclaimed, quite excitedly, "Look! He has a peanut!" I almost choked trying not to laugh.

    My dream bed – king size, very firm mattress, cherry wood headboard and frame but no footboard, posts optional, lots of pillows, colorful bedding, silk or satin sheets, heavy comofter. It would be a cozy cocoon. 🙂

  11. I think a sexy bed has extremely soft bedding, very neutral tones and lightly scented.

    My humor is…

    MEN ARE LIKE . . . High Heels, they're easy to walk on once you get the hang of


  12. Single life is always better. Stay strong.

    My bed- king size, sleep number mattress, redwood headboard and frame with posts that have leafs carved into them, no footboard, lots of forest colored pillows, dark green comforter that has gotten soft out of use, cotten sheets, and your favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with on the long nights and to fall asleep with to the sound of water running through a creek.

  13. My dream bed would be a King size therapeutic bed (the ones that molds to your body :D), dark wooden bed frame, black with silver trim bedding with matching pillows.

  14. Well I got to say that my fantasy beds are the ones at bed, bath and beyond be cause there in the open(yeah I'm a freak) some are firm and some are so full of pillow I love them …

  15. Oh man. I really have no idea! I always liked the four poster beds that you see in old movies in really old times and they have the drapes. Sort of the bed that a vampire would use, if he's the traditional kind! There would have to be drapes as well! Make it a king size! Sheets, they have to be cozy, I guess a really good cotton one. The most thread count possible, Egyptian cotton because those are supposedly the best ones! I have sensitive skin and when I had a cheap one it made my legs itch! So I have some decent ones, not uber expensive, but on this bed, I want UBER expensive!

    And I want it king sized because I like my space when sleeping. Unless I'm sleeping next to some super hot man of my dreams that I can't even think of because I'm young I guess and I don't know who that lucky man will be…but yeah, unless I have the [hot] ONE next to me I want my space when sleeping!

    Can't wait for Tempest's Legacy! Been hearing many good things about it! This is a fave series of mine because I loooove the snark!

  16. Hi Nicole! Can I first, just say how much I love your writing and that you truely are an amazing person and that it is reflected in the love from your family, friends and fans! 🙂

    Something funny: I was complimenting my daugter on her good manners and her reply was, "Thank you, I got them from Santa and Jesus!" Doesn't that just sum it all up in the mind of a 6 year old! 😉

    As for my dream bed, it would be a Cal King four poster dark cherry wood bed with gossamer sheets hanging from the corners that could be drawn for sexy time suspense! And lots and lots of pillows! 😀

  17. Something funny: Danny DeVito saying "Hey hey hey hey… I'm fucking Danny DeVito, I'll read the teleprompter" (This actually happened on live TV tonight)


    California King. Tempu-Pedic mattres(they are the most ridiculously comfortable things ever). Four poster. Gauzy top and curtains around it. Really really really high thread count cotton sheets. Not silk or satin. Too slippery. They can cause way too many issues. Location of said bed? In Bali Cliff on Necker Island(Sir Richard Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands) overlooking the gorgeous blue water. Side note: Bali Cliff is one of the guest houses literally built on a cliff over the water.

    Companion in bed: A beautiful woman who loves me and who I love with all my heart. Also, I need to find one of those.

    And Nicole, know that all your friends, family and readers are here for you. We all <3 you very much.

  18. Any bed with Richard Armitage in it is sexy. Other than that as long as its big enough that no one falls out during hijinks its all good.

    Funny story, mermaid related in honor of your German covers- at one of the schools I have known, there was a child who was rather fixated on toilets. One day he had escaped his teacher, locked himself in the stall, and was splashing about in the toilet water. He was only discovered when another child ran out of the bathroom and told his teacher "Maestra, Maestra, there's a mermaid in the toilet!"

  19. Sexy bed: well the idea of silk sheets is definitely sexy, but any bed with the right sexy guy in it is my idea of the perfect bed. Now if only I could find that guy. Ha ha.

    I loved the reading and can't wait to get my hands on the book. By the way, I think the boy is crazy because you are great.

  20. Big Down Comforter King Size Bed Comforter..In Dark Green?Cranberry/Navy RL Plaid reverses to floral..Girly but not too much. Lots of Down Pillows. and Rosemary Sage Candles..Issac Hayes Love Songs..Perfect.

  21. The sexiest bed is the one I'm not supposed to be in!

    Seriously, though, I don't typically have the patience to sit through video blogs but I love your personality as much as (or more than?) your writing. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways and thank you for staying true to yourself.

  22. So sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Virtual hugs with a shot of whiskey thrown in for good measure.

    Thanks for the reading. Now just a few more weeks until I can see if the plot line develops the way I hope it does! Yay!

    Ok, sexy bed: Wooden fourposter because wood is smooth and more sensuous than other materials, and fourposter because things can be tied to it; a canopy is optional. It has super-high-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets (not silk or satin; they're too slippery and you get too hot in them) because they're the most luxurious, in a rich, matte color on a firm, roomy king-sized mattress with plenty of pillows of various sizes and a down duvet to snuggle under. Candles are lit, low music is playing, windows are open slightly to a cool breeze. The bed is set at an angle in a corner of the room, not butted up against a wall, because it's unexpected, more interesting visually and, really, the repetitive sound of the headboard hitting the wall is not sexy — it's just distracting.

  23. Have you ever been in a bedroom that has nothing but a bed?

    A solid antique oak bed frame holding a king sized high rise bed. With a large dark warm brown comforter. Simplistic and masculine. Hopefully with a nice spicy scent on/in it(and mayhaps a man to go along with the whole package.)

  24. *Hugs* Hi Nicole – I need to check into twitter more often, because I had no idea what was going on. Make sure to go and just totally endulge yourself…nothing like some shopping and pampering to make yourself feel good. Plus, person X is obviously not too smart, if they dumbed you…better fish in the sea. 🙂

    Hmmm…for a romantic bed – definitely have to have to be super soft high thread count sheets…in red or black..with lots of pillow – four poster giant king size bed. Silk looks awesome, but it sticks to you when you get sweaty…and if the romantic bed is working…there is definitely sweat involved. 😉

  25. Loved the vlog! Can't wait for more Jane and Anyan!

    My sexiest bed would be one in which I (and my sweetie) had spent a lovely night sleeping in, knowing there would be no 5:30am wake up call, because the kid was safely having a sleepover at his cousin's house. What can I say? I'm a "morning person", and the days of spending long mornings in bed are a distant memory. 😉

  26. Nicole,

    I love your books and want to thank you so much for writing them, I often laugh out-loud while reading them. I am soooo excited for Tempest Legacy…impatiently excited.

    In the end the men don't really matter, they don't want to stay around then so long. Being with someone who cant fully grasp what an amazing and worthy of unconditional love person you are is such a waste of your valuable time. I recently got dumped as well and am learning to be by myself again, it's hard and depressing as well as freeing. Although I just recently got out of the stay in my pjs all day stage(progress!).

    Thank you again for your hard work!

    Much love and supportive hugs!

    Sarah Jane

  27. Thank you for all the lovely messages and kind words! I've come to know a lot of you quite well over the last few years, and they mean a lot to me!

    Also, YAY for smexy beds! And I guess I should answer my own question. 😉 My own bed, now, is actually very sexy. It's all big wrought iron curlicues, so it's got a lot of places to grip. Or for ropes. I'm just sayin'. 😉

  28. First of all let me just say that I absolutely LOVE this series! I read these books over and over and each time I have a big cheesy grin on my face and I giggle and squeal like a school girl. Now with that said, my idea of a sexy bed would be a huge wooden four post canopy with gossamer sheets hanging and fluffy white bedding. It would be in my own little secluded area of an enchanted forest,and there would be trees surrounding it and beautiful green foliage everywhere. It would be nighttime with a full moon and there would be candles hanging from the trees and fireflies dancing in the air, and Anyan would be laying on top of the covers propped up against the pillows in all his masculine glory waiting for me. 😉

  29. I'll join Lisa in the contribution of virtual whiskey. 🙂

    I was going to be really minimalist on a sexy bed — maybe a tatami or something else very low to the ground — but then I followed Pamk's link and discovered this:!/photos/

    FLOATING MAGNETIC BED! Holy crap, you'd be in mid air… 🙂

    This is one of my favorite jokes:

    Two atoms are walking down the sidewalk when they accidently bump into eachother.

    "I'm really sorry!" the first atom exclaims."Are you all right?"

    " Actually, no," the second atom replies."I lost an electron."

    "Oh, no! Are you sure?"

    "I'm positive!"

  30. My sexy dream bet would be a large four poster with creamy satin sheets and lots of pillows in all sizes and shapes. And of course a gorgeous naked man in my bed for my pleasure.

    Something funny: My four year old son saying "Am I being bad or good? Or What? Knowing full darn well he's been bad. lol

  31. Thanks so much for the mini spoiler. In a couple of weeks the wait will be over. Yay!

    Keep your head up. All the best wishes to you this holiday season. Hope this New Year brings you health and happiness.

  32. Sexiest Bed would be a warm waterbed with mirrored headboard and softred and black flannel sheets. That would be great for warm cuddling and other stuff too.

    I have enjoyed your books and I am looking forward to the upcoming new release.

  33. Glad to hear you have so many great friends and support with the tough days. 🙂 It's great to hear there are so many people out there that still care. Not some thing you always hear about anymore. Glad you have a wonderful mother too! You are very lucky.

    Oooo, Nicole! You are just teasing us even more with this reading. I can't wait for this book. And Anyan!!! 😀 Yeah!

    Okay, sexy bed… hmmm, I was just thinking the other day (don't ask me why, please, I don't know why I was thinking but was. So please. ;D) I think I like the California King bed, because they are extra long. 😉 And a nice large wooden head board of carved vines connecting two of the four long corner posts at the top of the bed. The vines are delicate and beautiful but can be used as handles as well. Then the veils hanging down the sides from the four posts that tower above the bed. The thin sheer veils are like a hideaway spot yet you can still see the world out side.

    Okay, so I have to much time on my hands. Well, not really lately but the mind does wonder some… ;D

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