Updates: Legacy’s a Top Pick!

Hi folks! I’m very excited to announce that Tempest’s Legacy received its first big review. Romantic Times not only gave it four and half stars, but also made Jane one of their Top Picks for December! YAY JANE!

Here’s a bit of the review:

Half-selkie Jane True returns in the third chapter of her evolving magical saga as the stakes keep getting higher. Great pacing and layered character development meld to provide a story that is exciting and heart-stopping. Peeler is on the rise!

I’m so excited! Like all authors, I always have pre-release jitters, and nothing soothes those like a great review from a source like Romantic Times!

In other news, Jane’s just about out on AUDIOTAPE! I’m so excited, I could spit. You can pre-order Tempest Rising, read by Kate Reinders, here! It’s fun listening to her swear so much.

Finally, I’m off to NYC this weekend with my friend Eric. We’ll be attending the launch of Saul Bellow’s collected letters with Janis, his widow; their daughter; and her family. I had the honor of having both Janis and Saul as my professors, and Janis is one of my all-time-great-professor-mentors. I also was lucky enough to live with them for a year, before I started grad school. Janis influenced me greatly, as did her husband, and I’m very excited to see her and their daughter. I’ve been so crazy that it’s been nearly two years since I’ve seen them, and I miss them very much.

I’m also getting together with my lovely editor and agent, and we will undoubtedly plot at least one world-takeover, and much shenanigannery. I just made that word up. I can do that, as I’m a top pick. 😉

See y’all later, hopefully with some great pics from New York City!

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18 thoughts on “Updates: Legacy’s a Top Pick!”

  1. Nicole, that is very exciting. What is even more exciting is that it is almost JANUARY. I can't wait!

  2. @NicolePeeler Congrats! Just picked up Tracking the tempest – got to head back to @Borders for Tempest's Legacy!

  3. Holly: Yay! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    Elie: Thanks! Me too. I am excited for this one to come out.

    Melissa: I hope so! And it was very fun, thank you very much!

  4. I just finished the first of the series, Tempest Rising, and I am HOOKED. I can't wait to get to Tempests's Legacy in January! LOVE JANE!!

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